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Street Photography part 3

Street children, We call them streets but they call them “HOME” …………………….. 134 more words


Minutes Turn to Hours and Seconds Slow to Eternity

Minutes turn to hours and seconds slow to eternity as we wait. Those once lining the walls have begun to indulge in the vertical support behind them, some sinking to the floor. 1,007 more words


Sexual Abuse- A survivor's story

(Photo credits: Internet stock photo)

A few years ago, a girl I went to school with faced some life altering experiences. Whereas I had heard that she was going through a rough patch, I did not fully comprehend the extent of her suffering. 1,454 more words

Street Photography Part 1

Yesterday I and my camera at F5.6 (aperture) were strolling the streets of Kampala. For the first I used on foot from Wandegya to Jinja just taking photos. 131 more words


My morning thoughts..........

So today, I took a nature walk and trust me you, It was not disappointing.

A sunrise, taken from Bukoto

Siilohutte of my small fingers



End of an era

Maybe not quite but I don’t think superhero media and anime will ever last in their current form at all. There will come a point when people will get tired of superheroes and only very few of them will continue to have any commercial viability, just not in their current forms. 148 more words