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Addis Ababa to Toronto to Vancouver to Victoria

We had plenty of time in Addis to catch our breath after barely making our flight from Kigali… or so we thought. Just as we were heading for the security line, a huge line of people materialized which wouldn’t have been a big deal if a) two of our travellers weren’t pulled for “random” pull your entire bag apart security searches and b) the airline didn’t change the gate assignment mid-process stranding half of our travellers on one side of a now closed door and the other at the security screening table. 1,154 more words

Entebbe (2018)

aka 7 Days in Entebbe

D: José Padilha / 107m

Cast: Daniel Brühl, Rosamund Pike, Eddie Marsan, Lior Ashkenazi, Denis Ménochet, Nonso Anozie, Ben Schnetzer, Mark Ivanir, Angel Bonnani, Zina Zinchenko, Amir Khoury… 687 more words


Learning lessons from Uganda on transparent education reporting for the public

The 2017/8 GEM Report showed that national education monitoring reports are a vital tool for transparency and accountability in education yet only 21 out of 48 countries in the sub-Saharan region published an education monitoring report at least once since 2010 and fewer than 10% did so regularly. 800 more words

Persecution of Christians - week 28


 20 Christians were seriously injured, including broken bones, when their prayer meeting was attacked by about 35 Hindu radicals in Raikashipur, India. The Christians were accused of forcing conversions and now have several criminal charges against them. 556 more words


KJT Boys and Uganda Martyrs Girls Bag ARS Kampala Regional Trophies.

Residents of Kampala and surrounding areas were treated to an exciting weekend when central region-based teams competed in the Airtel Rising Stars regional tournament held at Ssendi playground in Kabowa. 296 more words



All too often we are satisfied with identifying ourselves with mediocrely ; we do not want to identify ourselves with the worst, the ugliest, the dumbest, name it, we also do not want to identify ourselves with the best, most beautiful, smartest of things, name it. 472 more words