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Layers of Uganda #photography #haiku #Uganda

storm clouds march forward

savanna goes on forever

layered her pain

The layers of Uganda – A woman is sorrowful at the loss of her newborn child but she does not cry, fierce storms give little notice, and the horizon seems endless. 12 more words


Maps of an East Africa that the expats might recall

Don’t ask me where I got these maps from, can’t even remember. (Leroy?) But it’s not one of those books which I conveniently forgot to return. 192 more words

Wee Faith #children #sundaydevotion #Uganda

Under the mango we sing

95 little voices in praise

love the same in any language

standing tall like a tree

crouching small like a bug… 38 more words


Before Departure.

Well, the big day has arrived! It’s definitely a surreal feeling… my boyfriend has now also finished work and we are both pretty much packed. A few things have changed since the last update! 255 more words

Travel Writing

Fitting replies to US president

Jorge Arreaza, Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, replied to Trump’s speech at a September 19 press conference: “The United States Government is in complete violation of all the principles of the UN Charter.” Venezuela is a country of peace and no country can or has the right to violate Venezuela’s sovereignty, he said. 828 more words

United States

Ant Hill #Uganda #poetry

 hand tickles the clouds

toes clutch creases of dirt

ants raise their heads confused

how did that ant get so big?

children play hide n seek… 28 more words


Jinja Nile Resort

The enigma of the Nile unfolds

Published Saturday Nation magazine

Above: Jinja Nile Resort – in the foyer, pictures of the men whose lives revolved around the mystery of the Nile – from left to right – Baker, Speke, Burton and Livingstone – copyright Rupi Mangat… 909 more words