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"Ugly Americans" and First Impressions of Paris


Quick First Impressions…

  • Paris is so much bigger than I expected
  • People walk really fast
  • Cars park wherever they want on the road and sidewalk…
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From Bulimia to obesity

Examination of the possible connection between eating disorders early in life, which inevitably melts, swells, transformation is 0 to 60:   skeletal, obese.

  Is our culture so lazy (and/or) food obsessed that people can’t simply learn to eat right……in moderation?!

Ugly Americans

The Gringo Game

Marcia and I have done a lot of international travel together over the years, and when we are in countries where English is not routinely spoken, we always become attentive to the times when we’re out on the town and unexpectedly hear strangers speaking our native tongue around us. 343 more words


The Ugly Californian: Tourists Carve Initials Into Wall of Colosseum, Take Selfie

‘We apologize for what we did.

‘We regret it but we did not imagine it was something so serious.

‘We’ll remember for a lifetime.’

Doh! These are grown adults, 21 and 25. 173 more words

Rants In Comments

Friday Night Film

I present you with 1999’s Rogue Trader based on the life of Nick Leeson.

“The full movie of the 1999 film rogue trader about Nick Lesson. 62 more words

Ugly Americans