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The Ugly Californian: Tourists Carve Initials Into Wall of Colosseum, Take Selfie

‘We apologize for what we did.

‘We regret it but we did not imagine it was something so serious.

‘We’ll remember for a lifetime.’

Doh! These are grown adults, 21 and 25. 173 more words

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Friday Night Film

I present you with 1999’s Rogue Trader based on the life of Nick Leeson.

“The full movie of the 1999 film rogue trader about Nick Lesson. 62 more words

Ugly Americans

Q: How did Joseph Jett cause Kidder, Peabody & Co. to lose over $350 million?


The 1980s for Kidder, Peabody & Co. ended on a very sour note. Its star banker, Marty Siegel, was at the center of the Ivan Boesky scandal that blew up in 1987. 372 more words

Ugly Americans

Guys, I made my bed today.

So, apparently today is National Make Your Bed Day. I took it once step further and completely rearranged my room and hung pictures. Every now and then, I get an urge to do some ‘spring cleaning’ even though it’s not technically springtime. 179 more words

National Make Your Bed Day

I'm pretty sure Jez from Peep Show is Jason Mulgrew’s English equivalent. Jez might not finish his memoir though, unless Mark helps him.

42. Everything Is Wrong With Me – Jason Mulgrew

Ah, a memoir written by a guy who doth protest too much…I believe there are several of these. 376 more words

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