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TIA (This is Argentina)

Sometimes travelers need a subtle reminder that not all cultures are the same….as an American I often forget that “time is of the essence” is really just a legal term in contract law.   358 more words


Fuck You, Fifty Shades

I blame her.

E.L James of 50 Shades of Grey.

She did it, unwittingly of course.

She was just trying to turn a buck

With a bit of earnest fiction, I’m sure. 134 more words


12 Men Explain What They See As An 'Annoying White Girl' (And Why They Don't Want To Date Them)

1. A Life Without Problems

The annoying white girl is middle to upper class who has no clearly definable struggle or problems in their lives. This can lead to them finding the tiniest problems and self righteously speaking about them as if other people are the problem.

926 more words

Ayahuasca, by Jonathan Huls / ****

It occurred to me as I read Ayahuasca, the latest book from Jonathan Huls, that there’s no genre besides horror that can consistently get away with having truly unlikable, despicable characters. 535 more words

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The French Girl Who Loved Birds

I was staying at a hostel above a porn store in Muenster, Germany, and I wanted to go clubbing so I could hook up with a foreign girl. 696 more words

To Ryan Lochte

An Open Letter to U.S. Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte: Lesson(s) Learned?

By Ken K. Gourdin

Dear Mr. Lochte:

As a threshold matter, let’s discuss what you were trying to cover up before being detained for lying to the police while celebrating your Olympic success in Rio. 803 more words

Deescalation Techniques

In terms of cravings, I’ve found it’s actually much harder to give up sugar and soda than to stop using drugs. This includes heroin, crack, meth, alcohol, cigarettes–everything. 826 more words