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Why looks matter

When I was in my sophomore year, I was buying ice cream from a local vendor after a long day of classes and a dance rehearsal. 175 more words

Ugly Girls Do Not Actually Exist

You might only take pictures using Snapchat because the filters completely change your facial features and it’s the only time when you feel attractive.

You might delete pictures from Instagram days after posting them because you aren’t sure if you actually look good in them and start to second guess whether you want anyone to see them. 465 more words



China’s history with Gender Equality is far from being spotless.

In China women are expected to raise children, be mothers, be satisfied with the limited livelihood offered by being a stay at home mother. 270 more words

Ugly Girls - Welcome to the Suck

“You ain’t god, you’re just a fuck boss.”

Those are the first words you hear from Ugly Girls on their recently released Welcome to the Suck. 347 more words