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When people close to you hate you too much, you either turn into something ugly or build a wall around you to survive.



While at Paperlust this week, I had to come up with a single simple icon that would encompass the saying ‘In the Meantime’. This was Emma Jensen’s rediculous suggestion.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Each breath brought him closer to the edge. As the minutes becomes hours and forever becomes never he begins to fade away. Two minutes ago, he was in love. 259 more words

Being made to feel ugly

Today I worked for 11 hours, on the way home my bus broke down, I walked for 40 minutes and eventually reached some shops only to find my favourite bar in Holland & Barrett had sold out, and just as I was picking up a crappy substitute of crushed fruit (**** sake), a middle aged lady walked up to me in the aisle and said “You have acne.” Um……ok, I waited for her to follow this up with some suggestion, I was still trying to figure out if she worked in this shop when I asked, “Are you trying to sell me something?” She went on to say “No, I’m trying to help you.” By this time a few of the poor people shopping near me had turned awkwardly to look and then quickly tried to pretend they were interested in the items on the shelf rather than in what this lady was saying. 1,276 more words


"Memorial Uncertainty"

“Contemporary resistance,
of ignorant persistence.
For its easy to ignore what has been done,
when there’s so much left to do.

I love my country, 59 more words


Shade & Shelter

Shade & Shelter

Do you like something broken?
Everyone’s looking for something fixed
Do you like someone who’s outspoken?
Or someone who will eat up your shit? 220 more words