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Open Your Eyes, Open Your Heart

It doesn’t matter if you are ridiculously good looking (to borrow a phrase from Zoolander) or plain jane you are a person worthy of being seen for who you are. 123 more words

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Ugly Christmas Stripper Pole Adult Sweater

A company that markets pole dancing kits for use inside the home is Vertical Leisure. They produce a variety of poles for use in the residence that are called X-Poles,. 293 more words


I’m on my bed. I still feel like sleeping more. My jaw is funny and my gum is swollen. I think I just had one of those dreams. 329 more words


IV Bruise

As I said in my last post (not the images one), I have taken a picture of the bruise from the IV I got when I had my colonoscopy. 16 more words