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Is Beauty really in the eye of the beholder??

Body image is such a big deal in today’s society, every magazine, billboard and person I see seem to be beautiful, all these celebrities in magazines are stunning. 522 more words


hating myself

Today I self harmed. But in a promise to myself I kept it light and small. Yay me! The blade was a relief to me. At last a platform, an outlet, an old comfort. 339 more words

Weigh in today 

I weighed myself this morning and will wait 7 days till my next weigh in. I weighed in today at 192 lbs. Since getting my wisdom teeth removed Friday, I have lost about 6 pounds from not being able to eat much. 200 more words

The Ugly Dumpsters

Even in paradise, there are ugly spots, this is one of them …

In blogging terms, the juxtapose always is an experiment. But sure as eggs is eggs – doing something contrasting and different IS interesting and DOES catch attention. 173 more words

Don Charisma

The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty

For me this book had an interesting premise and subject that I like- mainly beauty and people’s perceptions of beauty. It also had a taste of magical realism about it but ultimately in the end the book didn’t work for me and I was disappointed. 349 more words


First Animation

Forgot i had this uploaded to YouTube.  This is the first animation i had ever done via Flash (or anything else).  While it is crude and rudimentary, it actually took a good chunk of time to learn how Flash works on the fly (especially thanks to the Flash Tutorials put out by… 28 more words


The Ugly Bus

Taken near Deptford Bridge, London …

Never been a fan of anything Ugg’ly … they make ugly stuff, for people with no style … their bus is pretty cool though … and must have done a power of good for Australian sheep farmers … so not all bad … 47 more words

Don Charisma