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Ugly and Beautiful

When you’re ugly and someone loves you, you know they love you for who you are. Beautiful people never know who to trust.”
(Drax the Destroyer Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)
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I am evolutionally better :p

Ridiculed continiously for being big,I have always hid my taller frame telling myself I am ugly

Countless time…. who am I kidding, eversingle time I have stopped myself feom going out and shut myself in voicing out these insecurities that lays its roots from words thrown at me.Beautiful was a word that was burried with so mich hate. 227 more words

to the home i have found in my bones

to my dear body, the home i hold in my bones, my sincerest apology.

i am sorry for not feeding you, for thinking you are not good enough. 139 more words


Parents on Social Media

Every day I open my Facebook to find that my mom and dad acquaintances have published countless My- Kid-Can-Do-Everything posts to their Timeline. When I was pregnant, I scrolled past them without a second thought, and ever since having a child my response is an eye roll. 510 more words


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Here’s a theatre festival just for junior. Running over the course of three weeks and held at Victoria Theatre and KC Arts Centre, the fest put together by ABA Productions presents six plays that are bound to thrill and inspire the young ones. 34 more words


Have we started the year off ugly and angry?

Politics seems to have kicked off early this year, largely because of the attention being given to Donald Trump (New Zealand politics is only slowly emerging from holiday time). 1,154 more words