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Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas:delusional liar

Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas is an expert in one thing, that is lying. He is a bullshit artist. He lies to everyone he meets. 207 more words

Matthew Smith Bnp Paribas

No matter how ugly a thing may be, there is always some beauty concealed in it

No matter how ugly a thing may be, there is always some beauty concealed in it; in every untruth there is a grain of truth, in everything evil a grain of goodness. 67 more words



I always think I’ve broken, I always bounce back. Each time though, I lose parts of myself. Porcelain chipping away. There’s that quote from someone about alcoholism, “it happened slowly, then suddenly.” And one day I’ll be gone. 219 more words

Don't Lie to Me Anymore

No no no no I don’t matter. I’m not thin and pretty like her. Don’t give me that bullshit. She’s amazing and she’s golden. I’m not her. 119 more words

The Ugly Truth, Global Wealth Inequality

Global Wealth Inequality, how richest 1% have much more fortune than the rest 99%!!!

Breath Of Fresh Air

not a good day :(

today has not been a good day for me and I feel so disgusted in myself.

I started the day off okay I ate a low calorie soup but then at work everything went down the drain I ate a full can of pringles, 2 mars bars and 2 freddos :( I just want to make myself throw up just so I can get rid off it all just thinking about all the calories I put in to my body makes me want to hurt myself.

Don't judge a product by its looks

As Selena Gomez has said in the past, “who says, who says you’re not perfect?” well clearly supermarkets don’t.

Businesses, supermarkets, in particular, have very strict rules and regulations concerning which fruits and vegetables are deemed ‘beautiful’ and therefore, in sellable condition. 194 more words

What A Waste