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Negativity, begone..

I’m so sick of the negativity surrounding my life. These last couple posts have been so negative and it’s only increased since. I just don’t understand how people can do some of the things they do. 250 more words

The Ugly Side

New Zealand is a great place, and is hard to fault, but there is one problem I run into constantly.

Binge drinking.

It might seem like I am overreacting. 34 more words

Hello, fuckers.


It’s like I’m a parent right now, everything on this site is foreign and new. I don’t know where to click or to press, I’m exploring I guess. 129 more words



I have fat on my body. It mainly likes to hang out on my thighs and belly. I don’t believe that my fat warrants me an obese BMI. 290 more words

Dear You

I Wish You Peace

Before I get into the craziness that is my mind I feel there should be a background story. Everyone has their story with their own bits of crazy, splashes of sadness, and hopefully overwhelming moments of joy. 861 more words


Train journey hell 🚄

So I don’t usually write about feeling completely socially anxious in public. I think I try to deny that I get anxious, because I don’t have anxiety. 599 more words