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Yesterday's Ugly Ocean

Yesterday you asked

if I wanted to catch the sunset before dinner.

I said the answer to that question will always be yes.

We walked to the cliffs… 105 more words


You Are Radiant

Many years ago, I dated a man who was verbally abusive. He never hit me physically, but he knew exactly how to lash out at me with his words and how to slice my heart with his silence. 565 more words

Embrace Your Ugly

Funny thing but on television or in movies I notice that ALL the cars are all shiny, clean, polished even.

In real life my car looks either dusty or dirty… 328 more words

Thinking Out Loud

The Inner Demons Coming Out


Where: iSAW Gallery

Artist: iSAW

Details: Some people struggle with their inner demons. When they start to surface, an ugly transformation happens. 73 more words

Black & White

Dirty Laundry

Warning: This post contains a brief discussion of suicidal ideation and an extensive discussion of unwanted sexual attention.

You are so filled with rage, self, it is a wonder you are breathing. 246 more words


Old, fat, and ugly

One day I woke up old, fat, and ugly. I’m at the point of no return. I think it would be easier to just rot in my apartment until I have diabetes and die.

Obsessing Thoughts about How I Look...

I just want to fix these thoughts that I recurringly have that bring me DOWN…

I fixate on how I look so much it’s unhealthy. I was thinking, once I get my hair cut the way I want it (a long bob), then I can just do it the same way everyday and not have to think about whether I like it or not. 297 more words