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Pink Fairy Armadillo

The Review: The smallest of all known armadillos, the pink fairy armadillo is pretty fucking stupid looking. Measuring the same size as a Thai mans penis, this is one fucking tiny creature. 95 more words


Anthem of the Undesirables

I know what I’m good for.


And maybe it finally hit you and you feel the same.


Conversations and friendships grow cold. 32 more words


Infographics: Beautiful but Difficult, Ugly but Cool Content

Hello hello. I can’t even say how wonderful it’s been to have Fall Break to recover from the chaos of my academic schedule (if for 24 hours at least!). 1,041 more words

Album Review: Hidden Amongst Us- Ugly

If there is one thing these days that I really enjoy is when a band throws out the traditional rules, taking all their influences and make a record for themselves. 167 more words

Album Review

The Bride of Frankenstein: An Alternate Ending

As lightening struck they gave me life
Assigned me as his loving wife
I had thoughts but no words were there
(and WTF’s up with this hair?) 60 more words


... And the crush doesn't like me.

I’m here, visiting him and it’s very strange. He is cold, he barely speaks to me and told me, I have put on weight. Yeah, all right, exactly what I tell someone I’m interested in. 168 more words