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Irony rules the world

There is a trend in the US media and hipster circles where people brag about having some sort of imperfection or weird hobby. Irony is nowadays ruling the world. 113 more words

I hate you acne.

I hate you acne. You have ruined my life. I’m afraid to eat the foods I love, afraid to stay up late, afraid to apply new things on my face, afraid to live a life where my main concern doesn’t involve my skin, all because I’m afraid you will get worse. 224 more words



The letter U in virtues and views.

U for ugly.

Is ugly a feeling? Have you felt ugly? Is that a virtue or a vice? Why? 370 more words

Rural Doctor


‪”Why are you so mean?”‬‪”Why are compliments so hard to accept?”‬

‪Because the ugly truth of the world is eating me alive. And I hope that if I am coated in vinegar instead of honey, it will take longer to chew me up.‬ … 90 more words


Diary: A Model with Boundless Beauty

I read a few articles that were popping around the Twittersphere recently about how to date model girls, and what to do and what not to do. 541 more words


Thank you, I won't be back

All my life I have been self conscious. And around age 10 after my mother got me a horrific haircut, I became super self conscious about my hair. 262 more words

I Hate People

Feigning Ignorance

Without hesitation he walked away
Continuing on with his day
Acting as if he had not just seen,
An act of nature so obscene . 63 more words