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Staring at yourself for hours trying

To find something to tell you you’re beautiful

And worthy and something just a little special

But those blue eyes are so filled with hopelessness… 120 more words


Beauty turning Ugly

How were we ever so good, if we could turn so bad?

Beautiful things turning ugly- a process I had not known.

I had heard it takes a lifetime to make what we shared so naturally. 45 more words


Child Abuse is killing our children

Child abuse is a very broad term that is categorized into a few segments with physical, emotional and psychological trauma. It seems to be commonly associated within countries in Asia and even more in India, but why is child abuse like an epidemic in this world. 382 more words


The Poison in Beauty

Phantasmal Poison Frog Epipedobates tricolor; wow what a mouth full, but that is their official name. I find them quite beautiful. They are commonly called Dart frogs. 238 more words

Ugly Beauty

Back in September my students and I scoured the school grounds in order to find the ugliest native Oklahoman bug we could possibly locate. (See my first blog about this… 371 more words



lazy is such an ugly word. i prefer the term selective participation. friday quote