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The red sofa

OK, it’s really a love seat. But it is really red. And I see it every time I leave my house or come back home. Because it sits, faithfully, on my neighbor’s lawn. 217 more words


Beautiful kind of ugly

I glided my fingertips across her stomach, such a flawless masterpiece. The creator must have loved her immensely to bless her with such beauty. I leaned forward to drop a kiss at her sweaty temple, her eyes widened in delight. 1,124 more words


Low self-esteem

According to Merriam-Webster, self-esteem is 1. confidence and satisfaction in oneself: self-respect and 2. self-conceit. Interesting that your esteem can be nice and even or overblown. 1,363 more words


Celina ~ Cory's Clips #112

Saw this on the news the other day, not all that sure what to make of it, but Celina is rite who doesn’t like a cookie cake…

📼 Video 📼

STOP: Important blogging​ info below...!

So… you started a blog. You have no idea what you’re doing. You are staring at a blank canvas.

Now, some of us are gifted with creative talents. 311 more words

Bad night

I’ve had a bad night, another “crisis”.

It escalated so quickly to a point that I wanted to jump off a bridge or take 50 tablets of paracetamol. 45 more words