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It was another usual “Throwback Thursday” and I decided to post a photo of me from about 9 years ago. When I first got with my now wife, a time when I was also the most physically fit and happy with my physique. 343 more words

Missing Youth

I read a great post the other day on https://dictionarydutch.wordpress.com.  The post was called, Acceptance (aka It’s Better To Humour Yourself Than To Have Someone Else Do It For You). 379 more words


Crying The Blues

I’d like to have a happy go lucky blog,where everything is peaches & cream,a big bowl of cherries,& a daily party,but I’m human & I have problems & suffer with severe depression. 169 more words


The Shortcoming of Beauty

Shards of mirror glass were scattered around me. The room was dimly lit so I wouldn’t have to face the truth, the ugliness. I held myself to ease the discomfort of who I was. 600 more words


People stare at me in horror every time I leave the house :(

January 12

A receptionist stopped in mid sentence today when speaking to me, like she suddenly lost her train of thought and was in ‘shock’ while staring intently at my ugly monstrous face. 703 more words

'body Dysmorphia?'

The Ugly Chair

As I type this, I’m sitting in the ugly chair.  The chair arrived in our living room as a practical joke over a month ago, and we’re going to get rid of it.   705 more words