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Pelatihan Pendadaran Sagne Mahasiswa Bangkotan

Gambar: (kiri atas) Pemandu PPSMB FIB 2016; (kanan atas) Tim Musik + Tim Pementasan Ketoprak Sasbud; (bawahnya) Keamanan PPSMB FIB 2017; (paling bawah) Panitia PPSMB FIB 2017… 2,234 more words


She is in Good Hands

I guess I'm now reaping the benefits of being quite active student and alumni for my campus. I met with so many familiar faces during the meeting of parents with faculty members. 83 more words


Gadjah Mada University New Students Inauguration (PPSMB UGM)

I'm driving Aya to Bulaksumur, Jogja, this morning, taking her to inauguration day for Gadjah Mada University (UGM) new students. She joined with 8000+ other new students at Grha Sabha Pramana field (GSP), right in the center of campus for the first day of Pelatihan Pembelajar Sukses Mahasiswa Baru UGM (orientation training) 234 more words


Technology as a Tool to fight academic dishonesty

Even in the developed countries, academic dishonesty (plagiarism, cheating, etc) is still a serious problem. On one hand, technology makes it easier for student or researcher to find wider and bigger information from the internet, which sometimes lead them toward plagiarism. 105 more words

Settling in Her New Room

My mission is almost accomplished. After buying some stuffs required for her study, I helped Aya to settle in her new room in Jalan Kaliurang area. 23 more words


The first 42 hours with SCG Thailand

Orientation. New friends. Accommodation. SCG Headquarter. Adaptability. 

If you are missing the first part, go to this link for the introduction.

It was the 10th of July when we arrived in Thailand. 1,138 more words