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‘I’m not a person who wants to die yet’: GTA man makes appeal to find living liver donor

Arch Walsh is on the waitlist for a liver transplant and has been sitting next to his phone for the past 11 months waiting for a phone call from Toronto General Hospital. 408 more words


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Modeling Psychomotor Retardation using iPSCs from MCT8-Deficient Patients Indicates a Prominent Role for the Blood-Brain Barrier

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Vatine et al. show that human iPSC-based modeling can pinpoint the origin of a neuronal disorder in the brain as a defect in transport of thyroid hormone across the blood-brain barrier, rather than in the neurons themselves. 12 more words


Deconstructing Olfactory Stem Cell Trajectories at Single-Cell Resolution

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell The olfactory epithelium is a site of active neurogenesis. Fletcher et al. combine single-cell transcriptomics and clonal lineage analysis to trace cell fates from the multipotent olfactory stem cell and identify multiple mechanisms controlling cell fate, including direct conversion of quiescent stem cells into support cells without cell division. 13 more words


Recruited Monocytes and Type 2 Immunity Promote Lung Regeneration following Pneumonectomy

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Lechner et al. identify regenerative myeloid subpopulations, including recruited CCR2+ monocytes and Arginase1+ macrophages, during pneumonectomy-induced lung regeneration. Loss of recruited monocytes or Il4ra signaling impaired lung regeneration. 36 more words


The 8th Annual International Pub Night@Daniel Spectrum-Fri.,April 28th, 2017

International Pub Night, now in it’s 8th year, is an annual fundraising event benefiting the Multi-Organ Transplant Program at Toronto General Hospital, a member of the University Health Network. 379 more words


An FAK-YAP-mTOR Signaling Axis Regulates Stem Cell-Based Tissue Renewal in Mice

Bhaskar Chanda Stem Cell Klein and colleagues show, using the mouse incisor as a model, that the transcriptional cofactors YAP and TAZ, components of the Hippo pathway, regulate stem cell-based tissue renewal by controlling the proliferation and differentiation of transit-amplifying cells in response to integrin/FAK signaling. 14 more words