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Food Twists: Pasteurized vs UHT Milk

Which one is better to consume???
Should I drink one which contained in TetraPak or directly after being pasteurized???

Pasteurized milk is a condition when milk is heated at 74°C for 15 sec which have shelf life for about a week, must store in cool temperature (fridge). 177 more words

Food Twists

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Why do certain containers of cow's milk have a longer expiration date?

Every Sunday after Church, I head to our local grocery store with my weekly shopping list.  Some weeks I’m more prepared then others but one thing that is always on my list is milk.   580 more words

Milk Facts

Preparing for the Apocalypse - Out of Date UHT Milk

My sister has been storing food and water in case of the apocalypse or other emergency.  The problem with that is the food etc will go out of date.  162 more words


Pasteurization Process

Pasteurization can be done as a batch or a continuous process. A vat pasteurizer consists of a temperature-controlled, closed vat. The milk is pumped into the vat, the milk is heated to the appropriate temperature and held at that temperature for the appropriate time and then cooled. 441 more words


Resep MPASI Pancake Pisang Mini

1 buah pisang
2 butir telur
Tepung beras merah
Keju parut
Susu uht/ cooking cream

Cara memasak:
Lumatkan pisang dan kocok dengan telur. Tambahkan keju parut, tepung beras merah dan susu secukupnya. 50 more words

Recipe & DIY

Bahan UHT


  • Matematika Dasar : 1.4, 2.2 dan 2.3
  • Matematika Sains : 1.3 dan 1.4
  • Fisika : Dimensi, Vektor, GLB, GLBB
  • Kimia : Atom
  • Biologi : Virus…
  • 85 more words