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Olper's debunks myths regarding packaged milk

In Pakistan, we are all used to hearing all sorts of negative things about packaged milk. For example, packaged milk is not actually milk but a mixture of detergent and milk powder, or that there are dangerous chemicals in the processing of packaged milk. 674 more words


Macbeth: Interview with Rachel Shrives

A grey morning. Two tired uni students have a conversation.
Claire Ferguson talks with Rachel Shrives, Assistant Director of UHT’s Macbeth + macdeath: a coda… 746 more words

Mantak and Me - Part 1: A Dark Night In Chiang Mai

Walking towards Chiang Mai after an evening at Tao Garden, I stopped as a gleamingly black Mercedes pulled in, and a dark glass window rolled down. 421 more words

A Thought-Provoking Piece of Theatre

Union House Theatre’s Megaphone Democracy is a provocative piece of original theatre that captivates the audience through masterful stagecraft. I wasn’t quite sure how this production was going to be presented but it definitely exceeded my expectations. 437 more words

Do It Anyway

On Saturday 9th April 2016 Union House Theatre hosted a Piercing Examination of Student Theatre Symposium, this year held around the theme of ‘Back To The Future’. 436 more words