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Kenyan Election Disaster 

So the election year is here, three months into it we have seen education documents forged, scandals up & down used as political misiles, leaders preparing their strong holds, PEV memories stired, accusations after accusations and much more. 815 more words

Kenya Politics


Nairobi adalah Ibuku Kota dari negara Kenya, Kenya terletak di afrika bagian timur, Nairobi menjadi kota yang cukup penting di afrika, selain terdapat kantor PBB untuk lingkungan hidup (UNEP), Nairobi juga menjadi salah satu kota yang pertumbuhannya cukup pesat di afrika. 413 more words


The Danger of Opposition Not Uniting Behind Raila

In Danger of Opposition Not Uniting Behind Raila, I continue to make the case why Raila is the man to lead the opposition to victory come August and the man to lead the country come the day he wins but this time gets sworn as our next president. 683 more words


Breaking the Yoke of Tribalism

In Breaking the Yoke of Tribalism, I continue to preach against tribalism in Kenya; what President Magufuli said is an understatement, truth is, tribalism is not just holding us back, it’s destroying us as a nation and each one of us has a role in that, question is, are you for the destruction or for hope and progress of the nation? 694 more words


Why Raila Is The Best Choice for NASA

In Why Raila Is Best Choice for NASA, I make the case why the opposition leaders in NASA should pick Raila as the jugganaut’s flag-bearer and go on to send Uhuru packing from State House to jubilation of the country save for the minority who would prefer status quo because to them, mediocrity is a high standard and leadership failure mean nothing. 680 more words


Courts Must Protect Vote Integrity

In Courts Must Protect Vote Integrity, I make the case voters will do their part in making sure Uhuru and Company are sent packing come August 8 but the Court must be vigilant in making sure there’s no election theft this time around. 674 more words


VIDEO: Bolo J ft. Uhuru – Wont Ur Love ( DJ Maphorisa & DJ Buckz)

Bolo J is all about the artistry in his new video for “Wont Ur Love.” the The Nigeria born SA based artist takes his talents overseas to spread his message. 47 more words