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State House Hosts Governance Summit

Today State House Nairobi was hosting a Governance and Accountabilty Summit attended by President Kenyatta and represntatives from various sectors, including the judiciary and civil society

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Skeletons in the Sand

We suffer under the gloom of their oppression



whilst they stifle us with their crooked words

making us endure their acts

as they feign to be protector. 135 more words


Activist Gazi Kodzo Advises on How to Stop the Devastation of Hurricane Matthew

In this commentary Gazi Kodzo explains how organizations like the Red Cross and the Clinton Foundation have a history of misusing donated funds.  He also explains why third world nations that are predominantly black suffer so greatly and have a hard time recovering from the aftermath of natural disasters.   13 more words


To Vote or Not to Vote?

Ah, Nairobi. The hub of air pollution, dusty (and dirty) streets and noisy matatus. Especially the latter, which is where I find myself writing this post, probably not wise, as the guy sitting next to me is either eyeing my phone or trying to peek at what I’m doing. 1,521 more words

Decision 2017 Not all about the Money

By Ooko Victor

15 Billion: the legally sanctioned upper limit for campaign funds for a single political party in Kenya which translates to about 0.24% of our GDP (as at 2015). 755 more words

Ooko Victor

Raila has done his part, Luos now do yours

This hashtag ya #AwakeningNyanza ni nini? When Raila was the PM, Nyanza saw its infrastructure improve to the best level ever. Many lives changed as a result of the constitution that Raila single-highhandedly campaigned for! 408 more words

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Shairi: Mzungu Kutuita Bwana

Limekaririwa Na: Abdallah Mwasimba

Jambo hili la uhuru, Na mtu aliyeleta,
Yafaa tumshukuru, Kwa vifijo na kwa kata,
Tumuombee nusuru, Na nyota ye kutakata,
Mzungu kutuita bwana, Alihamdulilahi. 147 more words

Mariam Marzuq