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Parliament's Omnibus Bill That Led Nowhere

Earlier today the High Court in Nairobi, Kenya held that an amendment to the Judicial Service Act that prescribed the mode and manner in which the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) would appoint nominees to the office of the Chief Justice and the Deputy Chief Justice was unconstitutional. 519 more words

Midnight Motivation and Musings # 88

We have no idea how much we do for our hearts and minds when we embark on a journey of self-discovery and freedom.

Each of us has a different path to take to their ‘Uhuru.’ Though we may keep each other company and cross paths, my path can’t lead you to the end of yours. 137 more words


(New Music) Ekendo - Your Style

As fresh and new as he is, Ekendo has been able to get attentions…..

With his debut single, “Your Style” produced by South Africa’s own Uhuru, he is set to prove to many that he really got what it takes to be a top notch in the game. 13 more words


Kenyan authorities brutally beat up protesters. Tanzanian government finds 10,000 ghost workers.


*Warning pictures are gruesome*

An opposition protest was met with “gruesome violence” unleashed by the Kenyan police force in Nairobi on Monday. Protesters were brutally beaten by several police officers even after being restrained. 602 more words

Uhuru: Best African Export To Nigerian Music Scene

For some years now many non-Nigerian African artistes from South Africa to Tanzania and Ghana, have come to realize the importance of working with their Nigerian counterparts and vice versa. 298 more words


Nothing strengthens impunity so much as silence and fear

To sin by silence, when we should protest, Makes cowards out of men.
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Kenyans, they say we are the most optimistic people in the world, maybe so, because even I thought we had learnt from PEV and never again wasn’t just another cliche. 289 more words


My Utopia

come utopia!

come, lets sail away

lets make our sun stand still

for the world is ours to play with and in.

cupid comes bestowing greetings… 88 more words