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As frontman Aaron Starkie walks towards the camera you immediately sense that here is a band that mean business and this video backs that assessment up squarely. 93 more words


DREA - 'Lost In The Water'

As the central figure of the woman dances there is something in the choreography that rekindles the imagination for her. That sets a recourse in place throughout the video that carries through as the central theme. 121 more words


Mock-up testing + User Interview

The next phase was to get this paper mock up of your app in-front of some potential users and see what they had to say about it. 735 more words


Be hip to the latest web development news!

On your journey to becoming a professional front-end web developer you need to be aware of latest web design trends, popular fonts and crashing frameworks. Every day I spent few hours reading articles and posts starting with “How to…” and ending with “Any ideas?”. 204 more words

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Win 10 User Interface

Win 10 User Interface

A lot has been said around win 8 and the user interface and how it was a negative to user adoption.  While I have no issue using either Win XP (yes it is still out there) / 7 /8 /8.1 I can understand why it caused such a block for adoption. 785 more words


Win 10 first look

In this post series I want to explore the features that will drive customer adoption of WIN 10 both in the enterprise and in home. 155 more words


WHITETRASH @ ‘Lostman’ EP launch

We have reviewed the ‘Lostman’ EP in the March issue of Unsigned And Independent and tonight was all about the band giving it the launch it deserved here at The Grand Social. 785 more words