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I AM NIAMH @ The Fluffy Noise

With the impending release of her debut album just around the corner (and the launch gig being May 9th in The Freemason’s Hall, Molesworth Street) it was a good testament to what people can expect from that upcoming gig and what her album has to offer. 382 more words


Perjalanan saya sebagai desainer yang masih panjang.

Waktu jaman sekolah, prestasi saya kurang bagus. Saya kurang suka pelajaran-pelajaran sekolah. Terutama matematika. Tapi bukan berarti saya tidak bisa, memang tidak ada minat dan akhirnya malas. 2,887 more words

Exit Y4W + Musings on Design and Innovation in India

I resigned from my former employer, Youth4work, some ten-twelve days back (More than two weeks ago! My scheduled publishing was set accidentally to next month, which is the reason for this delayed publishing.). 1,801 more words


7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1)

This is a very good article on UI design by Erick Kennedy.

http: / /medium.com/@erikdkennedy/7-rules-for-creating-gorgeous-ui-part-1-559d4e805cda

Creative Multimedia

526 mobile game final

I did the inventory/ equipment system of this game. and the enemy AI.

I love the graphic of this game and I hope I’m the one who implement this. 14 more words


SCARLET - 'Anyway'

If you know the back story to this band then you will get what the video is about. In that regard it brings a capable degree of catharsis to proceedings which provides quite well for everything on show. 122 more words


GREG CLIFFORD @ The Fluffy Noise

Having a large part of last year in Berlin tonight’s show from Greg Clifford showcased some of the new material he wrote while over there. He was also joined tonight with a full band behind him and it made a big difference to how we have seen his sets before. 379 more words