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Top 5 Designer Resources

 Hi Guys So today I just Want to share my Biggest And Ultimate List of Designer Resources I’m going to Expose!

1. Creative Market

This thing keeps me surprising every Week! 299 more words


What is App Design?

‘Apps’ (short for applications) are a form of software developed either specifically for a user or in coherence with another application. Their aim, is to execute a particular task which adheres to the requirements of said user or application. 446 more words

Why You Start Using White Space?

I think all of you want to focus on what really matters to you and your audience:  your content.  When you want to focus on something, you need to surround it with space and  that is exactly what whitespace is about. 609 more words


Pausing Nightmare

Now that we have a mostly working main menu and spell menu I moved on to the options menu. The main menu has the options all hooked up and we are making headway with sound adjustments. 365 more words


id5 Tweaker

What is this?

The id5Tweaker is a small mod that allows additional configuration of id Tech 5 games. Its features include the option to change the FPS limit, force the value of CVars and additional game specific settings. 2,536 more words

Game Fixes

User Interface Musts (Part 1)

When it comes to user interface design, just like any other design process in the world, there are standards, principles, and elements one should abide to, specifically for business purposes!   358 more words