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Too many Firefoxes

Many of us remember the famous Windows XP Service Pack 2, which really marked when Microsoft started to get serious about their client systems’ security. Prior to that there was little to guide the end user that I remember. 108 more words


An unwontedly ugly property sheet

We all know that parts of a system that are used the least are generally the worst. They get the least attention and have the lowest priority when triaging bugs. 111 more words


Pokémon Go: Thoughts for Improving UI

First off, I’ll say that the UI in Pokémon Go is simplistic in a great way. The immediate game space has limited HUD elements, that house many more options. 1,364 more words


Motion in UI Design

UI Design is not restricted to static display only. Motions helps designers improve user experience. The article “Motion in UX Design” explains why: 45 more words

PM Role

Alumni UI Generasi Muda Mendukung Arief Budhy Hardono untuk ILUNI UI

Inilah para alumni UI generasi muda yang turut mendukung Bang Arief untuk dapat memajukan ILUNI UI bersama-sama.

Arief Budhy Hardono

Testimoni Dukungan untuk Arief Budhy Hardono

Bang Arief tidak ingin berjalan sendirian dalam memajukan ILUNI UI. Oleh karena itu, Beliau membutuhkan dukungan sebanyak-banyak dari seluruh anggota ILUNI UI. Dan berikut ini adalah testimoni dari para pendukung Bang Arief.

Arief Budhy Hardono

Program Kerja Arief Budhy Hardono untuk ILUNI UI

Inilah program kerja yang telah disiapkan oleh Bang Arief untuk ILUNI UI jika Beliau terpilih menjadi Ketua ILUNI UI periode 2016-2019. Selamat menonton!

Arief Budhy Hardono