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FictionPress Redesign

This is a redesign I made for Fictionpress, including the persona.

These are the personas:



My friend told me that his friend needed help for her project, and I was asked to make the mockup for the website Kupulau (a domestic traveling site where you can choose a trip) to be funded by our university. 40 more words



This is a android application for first aid and emergency situation developed by my friends in the Mobile Application Development SIG RISTEK Fasilkom UI 2016. I was in the UI/UX SIG and was asked to make the mockup.


The beginning.

I wanted to start a blog to share my journey. It started when I wanted to add more to my personal web site, but couldn’t really find a place to add more. 1,218 more words


Student Admission Module

For our Proyek Pengembangan Sistem Informasi class (System Information Development Project), we work in a team of five and get to do different roles. As I am in charge of UI/UX design and testing (as well as being responsible at making the master front end for my friends to use), I made a mockup using Adobe Illustrator to later code it using HTML, modified Bootstrap (CSS) and Laravel framework (PHP). 93 more words



Originally this is used for my Pemrograman Skala Perusahaan (PSP – Enterprise-Scale Programming), but in the end wasn’t used at all. Simple because we only took care of one module.

The logo:


User Scenarios

User scenarios are the tasks your user personas may undertake. They allow you to test your site structure and layout before it is fully developed. This helps you to isolate any issues which may arise before they become problems. 332 more words

App Design