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"OMG What Killed Me?!" or This Post is Just An Excuse to Use a GI Joe Graphic

I had one of those nights last night where I died a lot.  Died in the slag pot.  Stood in a hurricane and died and was b-rezzed and died again.   210 more words

Raids & Dungeons

In which our heroine goes off on a tangent before eventually returning to the main point, which is a follow-up on Ulduar debuffs and Grid

An aside:  I work in the educational technology field, and there is a bit of a war at my job right now between those with a traditional notion of marketing (the organization has the expertise and will disseminate it “top-down”) and those who wish to embrace new social media (people have the knowledge and we should help them share it among themselves).   175 more words


"Hey, can you switch to your off-spec?": Tell Me When

One of the things I used to most despise about respeccing my talents was having to redo all my action bars and keybindings to accomodate the new spec.   711 more words


/grid config (for Ulduar)

Now granted, my knowledge of Ulduar is still quite limited.  I’ve only run the zone on heroic.  I’ve only experienced 7 fights.  I’ve only defeated 6 bosses.   486 more words


A Kiss Before Dying

So apparently Patch 3.1 will hit tomorrow.

Having complained about boredom with the end-game for quite some time, let me now complain that I feel totally unprepared.   210 more words

Random Observations

Because Messing Around with Add-ons Makes Me Feel Like I'm Figuring Stuff Out

As Tuesday’s respec left me rather flustered, I logged into Khaeli last night a bit earlier than usual so that I’d give myself plenty of time to review my new spec before our raid.   483 more words


Raiding with Multiple Discipline Priests

In every twenty-five-man raid, you’ll have more than one member of a class along for the ride; there are only ten classes after all.  In most raids, you’ll also find multiple members of the same talent tree:  three arcane mages, two affliction warlocks, and a partridge in a pear tree. 742 more words