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Err, eh I’m sorry?!

The government sack a corporation due failing to deliver a secure border control therefore letting in God knows how many terrorists and the UK government are forced to pay them £224 Million?! 142 more words

Lies to Me, Fraud Against the UK Border Agency

So if you’ve been following my sad saga, you know about the Big Lie.  To recap briefly, near the beginning of my relationship with my wife, I had asked her if she owned her home.  1,854 more words


Yet More Illegals - What To Do?

The headline today is of  illegal immigrants who got into the country in a freight container from Belgium. One died. The sad thing is, this is symptomatic of the desperate measures these people will go to just to get into Britain. 1,406 more words


In work or out of work, the Tories don't give a shit about you.

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This comment on the article from “Jools” says it all …

JOOLS 1 hours ago

Nobody cares about workers anymore. This Government has made it acceptable that workers health, safety and lack of pay is collateral damage to the profit taking and executive pay. 932 more words

UK Family Migration: UK Home Office wins judgment on minimum income threshold

Judgment on the long-awaited UK Family Migration appeal has been handed down recently.

The minimum income threshold for British citizens to sponsor a non-EEA spouse or partner or child to come and live in the UK was introduced in July 2012. 102 more words

UK Border Agency

Interlude explained

Real life has once more intruded upon the creative process. the pressure of finding houses in a very competitive market, a real job and the usual childrens’ shenanigans have meant no time whatsoever for writing. 203 more words

British jihadists ‘walk through’ airports

Below is reproduced a letter from The Independent, 20 June 2014

You may recognise the author, he is one of life’s Good Guys, on the side of the angels; 295 more words

Home Secretary