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Embarking on my first board game ...

For quite some time I’ve been desperate to design my own board game. I’ve enjoyed playing games for years and always thought that there must be huge satisfaction in knowing that groups of family and friends have come together to play your game. 250 more words

Disk Pitcher, Fiesta Dinnerware

Frederick Hurten Rhead


Homer Laughlin China Company

The Homer Laughlin Company first introduced their Fiesta Dinnerware line in 1936 at the Pottery and Glass Show in Pittsburgh.  352 more words

Sinclair Black Watch

Clive Sinclair


Sinclair Radionics

Black Watch, the first cheap digital watch ever made, launched in September 1975 at £24.95.

Clive Sinclair’s Black Watch was an unconventional looking digital watch for the time. 398 more words

Psion Organizer

(Psion II shown 1986)



Thought to be the world’s first practical pocket/hand held computer, the Psion Organizer was praised as a device that pioneered portable computing. 208 more words

Durabeam Flashlight

Nick Butler


Duracell International Inc., Bethel, Connecticut

Certainly a product of the 80’s, matt black, simple form – almost “Braun” like except for the yellow stripe. 168 more words

Alphabet Blocks

John Locke


(OK, not from the 20th century, but one of my favorites and worth mentioning.)

Introduced in 1693 when John Locke, an educational philosopher, found that dice and playthings with letters on them would serve to teach young children how to read. 283 more words

Anglepoise Lamp

George Carwardine


Cardine Accessories / Terry Spring Company

The Anglepoise lamp is a balanced-arm lamp designed in 1932 by British designer George Carwardine. The name is often used for lamps with movements similar to the original Anglepoise. 200 more words