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UK Design, Standing The Test of Time

Founded in 1916, the Nathan Furniture Company was the creation of Mr. Barnett Nathan, whose design inspiration was to craft beautifully elegant everyday furniture of a high quality, while still giving consumers value for money. 197 more words

iMac G3

Jonathan Ive



Reportedly, when commenting on the iMac, Steve Jobs said “It looks so good you kinda’ wanna lick it”.  The iMac G3 was a bold move and a large gamble for Apple at the time, offering only USB ports and the elimination of the floppy drive. 267 more words

Embarking on my first board game ...

For quite some time I’ve been desperate to design my own board game. I’ve enjoyed playing games for years and always thought that there must be huge satisfaction in knowing that groups of family and friends have come together to play your game. 250 more words

Disk Pitcher, Fiesta Dinnerware

Frederick Hurten Rhead


Homer Laughlin China Company

The Homer Laughlin Company first introduced their Fiesta Dinnerware line in 1936 at the Pottery and Glass Show in Pittsburgh.  352 more words

Sinclair Black Watch

Clive Sinclair


Sinclair Radionics

Black Watch, the first cheap digital watch ever made, launched in September 1975 at £24.95.

Clive Sinclair’s Black Watch was an unconventional looking digital watch for the time. 398 more words