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People Are So Worried About Offending People - We've Shot Ourselves in the Foot

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‘………..By Warwick Davis   Actor and television presenter

Life’s been awkward since the moment, I was born.

The doctor came in and said to my dad, “Would you mind standing up?” My dad stood up. 1,103 more words


Chris Evans ‘can’t wait’ to be a little bit racist

The BBC has announced that Mr. Evans will be the latest recipient of TV’s ‘carte blanche’ – the freedom to offend with impunity. At an unveiling ceremony the TV and radio personality was handed an oversized blank cheque, a box-set of ‘Love thy neighbour’ and the keys to Richard Hammond. 234 more words


Avengers: Age of Ultron- The Review 

Daddy, I’m bored“, moans a little voice a few seats away from me.
Clearly the noisy ankle-biter who’s assembled for this Sunday morning IMAX 3D screening of… 564 more words

Thank God I'm Not Jamelia

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    Jameela Jamil

Jamelia is a pop singer from over a decade ago and now a host on Loose Women… 927 more words


First penis transplant, as Clarkson moves to SKY

Rumours are abound that the curmudgeonly Top Gear presenter has deliberated struck his co-employee to contrive a more lucrative TV contract elsewhere. SKY satellite engineers will work around the clock to detach Clarkson in a complicated surgical manoeuvre which risks damaging the whole scrotum, or James May as he is known.   210 more words


Clarkson petition proves that half a million people want to punch a co-worker

Sociologists have revised their initial interpretation of the groundswell of support for David Cameron’s favourite ‘designated driver’, Mr Clarkson. Recent research suggests those signing to keep his wine-ravaged face on terrestrial TV were in fact endorsing a return to physical violence, sexual intimidation and wearing jeans in the work place. 143 more words


Broadchurch to tackle teen graffiti threat‏

ITV’s flagship police drama returns to our screens with a series of hard hitting story lines; such as fly-tipping, unsolicited dogging and the misuse of cycle lanes. 250 more words