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Duke of Edinburgh to retire from stand-up

Buckingham Palace have revealed that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II and scourge of political correctness, will no longer be touring working men’s clubs with his Bernard Manning tribute act. 155 more words

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May, Hammond & Johnson: 'The Planned Poor'

Fans of austerity and motorcars have been delighted by a new TV series, featuring the Government driving the economy into the ditch.  In addition, the trio plan to tour the world speaking very loudly in English, applying handbrake turns to any trade agreement and rubbishing any foreign car ‘unless its a Nissan’. 174 more words


Jools Holland to host the Night Tube

London Underground will begin running a late night anarchic pop show on its Victoria and Central lines, in response to the high level of commuter demand for a 24/7 showcase of contemporary music.  234 more words

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Alf Garnett too late to stop Brexit

Frustratingly the BBC’s re-boot of ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ has missed its chance to spread a message of brotherly love to wavering Referendum voters.  Alf’s sage commentary on multi-culturalism and the need for an integrated Europe, could so easily have tipped the balance in favour of the ‘bloody foreigners’. 160 more words