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Alex White on BREXIT

Alex White, Head of Country Analysis at The Economist Intelligence Unit: “We see an EEA- deal as highly likely…..we are reasonably optimistic about the breakup.”

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Michael Pettis: Brexit could speed breakup of the Euro

On secular stagnation: “I don’t see growth picking up until you either redistribute income downwards — which is politically quite difficult and slow — or developed countries which are credible borrowers engage in massive infrastructure spending — which would be a great idea but politically difficult — so I’m afraid secular stagnation is going to last several more years.” 68 more words

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Gold surges as the Pound and Yuan fall

The Yuan is sliding against the Dollar, with USDCNY breaking through resistance at 6.60. Expect further capital flight, both from residents and offshore investors. Borrowers will also seek to repay Dollar-denominated loans and replace them with facilities in the local currency, adding further pressure on the Yuan. 90 more words

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Don't blame demographics, blame the government

Niels Jensen’s Absolute Return monthly newsletter raises one of the major structural impediments to growth in Europe:

As pointed out when in London, ageing has only had a modest impact on GDP growth and inflation so far.

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Brexit: An Indictment of Direct Democracy or Vulgar Politics as Usual? | The Diplomat

By Ankit Panda:

Consider Boris Johnson, the man who appears best positioned to emerge as the UK’s next prime minister. In becoming the public face of the Brexit campaign in defiance of fellow Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, Boris seized on the opportunity he saw in the aftermath of the Cameron government’s own politically cynical ploy to hold a non-binding referendum on EU membership….

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Culturally Constructed Ignorance Wins the Day | Bloomberg View

Barry Ritholz ascribes the BREXIT vote to “culturally constructed ignorance”:

….there is a disconcerting trend that has gained strength: agnotology. It’s a term worth knowing, since it is going global.

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Is Brexit the End of the EU? | Mauldin Economics

Excellent analysis from George Friedman:

As troubling as Europe’s economy is, it was not the prime mover in the referendum. The contentious immigration debate holds that honor.

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