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Putin’s Crimean gamble: Russia, Ukraine, and the new Cold War


From the Brookings Institute:

Since the time of Catherine the Great, Crimea has been a global tinderbox. Most recently, the world was stunned when the forces of Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded and seized Crimea in March 2014.

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Containment 2.0 [podcast]

Always interesting to listen to James Sherr of Chatham House discuss global geo-politics.


Can the West contain a Russia that is determined to upend the international order — but which at the same time is deeply integrated into the global economy?

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Why Europe Failed

Dr Oliver Hartwich of The New Zealand Initiative discusses his new book, Why Europe Failed.

Over the past years, we have become used to Europe’s debt crisis. 33 more words

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Greece and Its Misguided Champions

From Michael G. Jacobides in Harvard Business Review:

….while some EU policies are punitive or counter-productive, the strength of opinion of pundits long on conviction and short on detail seems to ignore the real root cause of the crisis.

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Does a Dead Kazakh KGB Chief Own Sherlock’s House? - The Daily Beast

From Michael Weiss:

…..“These wealthy oligarchs all come to London because it’s a really good place to put your money,” Simon Farrell QC, a British attorney who specializes in corporate crime and money laundering, told The Daily Beast.

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Cold wind blows for crude oil producers

Long-term June 2017 Nymex Light Crude futures (CLM2017) broke support at $60/barrel, offering a target of $54/barrel*.

* Target calculation: 60 – ( 66 – 60 ) = 54… 101 more words

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