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All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat)

Award-winning short film for UK Film Council and ScreenWM.

A tiny man who lives inside a cat becomes obsessed with the cat’s new owner. When the man finds out a woman his own size has been watching everything from afar he realises he doesn’t need to be alone anymore. 82 more words


Funding for Blueprint Pictures

An article from 2008 about the UK Film Council funding Blueprint Pictures. (Note: The UK Film Council no longer exists – but this is a good article to think about how the company has historically been funded.) 170 more words


Lecture: The Rise (and Fall and Rise Again) of the British Film Industry

Yesterday I attended this fascinating and engaging lecture given by John Woodward. Many thanks to the University of Westminster for the invitation to attend. 57 more words


Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

Peter Strickland’s second feature follows the ill-fated process of a nebbish sound engineer as he goes down the rabbit hole in a Giallo-style exploration of the horror the horror of making horror movies. 384 more words


Slate Reel: The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Lion (2010)

April is all about cheerful zappy fun, but we thought it would really be fun to inject some melancholy in that chirpy yellow place.
So, here’s a film that has a brilliant yellow-orange palette but with despondent undertones. 34 more words

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BFI and Government get 'could do better' progress report from Smith film policy review team

Follow up reports to Government commissioned reviews can often be rather bland and self-congratulatory but Chris Smith’s Film Policy  Review two year update has rather more teeth and doesn’t hold back from expressing frustration with the BFI, Government and industry’s lack of progress in a number of areas. 774 more words

Review: Harry Brown (2009)

I have not posted in here since before the Christmas period. I thought it was time I put another step on my online footprint however this is not a reflection on the current news, but praise for a beautiful piece of cinema I have just watched on my TV. 378 more words