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We Know About The Lies Over Iraq But What About Syria?

Huffington Post, 22 August 2016

British wars abroad have two enemies. First, the official enemy, portrayed as a monster whom we always battle with noble intentions. 943 more words

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Britain’s Dangerous and Ignored Special Relationship With Oman

Published in the Huffington Post, 11 August 2016

Mark Curtis

Outside significant mainstream media coverage, Britain is stepping up its support for the dictatorships in the Arabian Gulf and its ability to conduct military interventions in the Middle East. 1,034 more words

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How to avoid nuclear fallout and become equal partners with China

Some belated posting of which I have a bit to do, this one for the Telegraph about the furore around the Hinkey Power Plant deal and China-UK relations. 1,221 more words


A New Foreign Policy for Britain

by John Brian Shannon | August 5, 2016

British Foreign Policy post-Brexit

Now that Britain is delinking itself from the European Union’s foreign policy construct, the country is again free to chart its own course, instead of a foreign policy based on literally hundreds of compromises made to appease EU government and corporate leaders, and EU citizens. 1,582 more words


Who is Owen Smith?

Who is Owen Smith?
by Ian Sinclair
Open Democracy
29 July 2016

Labour leadership contender Owen Smith MP has stated he is “going to be just as radical” as Jeremy Corbyn. 1,311 more words

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The Politics of Fantasy? Jeremy Corbyn and public opinion

The politics of fantasy? Jeremy Corbyn and public opinion
by Ian Sinclair
Morning Star
30 July 2016

A common refrain among the elite and mainstream media commentators is that “Jeremy Corbyn’s politics are fantasy”, as the headline to an Observer op-ed by Tony Blair put it August 2015. 837 more words

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Britain's New African Empire

Published in the Huffington Post, 26 July 2016

Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange control over $1trillion worth of Africa’s resources in just five commodities – oil, gold, diamonds, coal and platinum. 610 more words

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