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Voting In The European Elections: Where Was The Heart?

This post is pretty belated but I thought I’d post it here anyways. Originally written for Yuppee Mag, this article detailed my thoughts following the European (and British local) elections. 91 more words


To vote or not to vote – Do you have the time?

Election season is most definitely upon us as we are bombarded on a daily basis with flyers, party political broadcasts, TV debates and the ups and downs of Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party (UKIP). 578 more words


Action enables change, apathy enables racists.

Last Thursday, the third of May, like many people with a political conscience I was dragged rapidly through the full gamut of emotions that local elections trail in their wake. 620 more words


Austerity must go hand in hand with growth

It would be a grave error to allow the excitement of Francois Hollande’s historic victory on Sunday to overshadow the results of the Greek general election. 497 more words

Labour Party

François Hollande: A rejection of Austerity?

It was interesting reading the twitter reaction to François Hollande’s victory in the French Presidential Election yesterday evening.  Those on the Right complained about the high tax rate that he might impose on the rich (fairness is a concept lost on the Right), while Lefties cheered and welcomed M. 201 more words


Triple witching hour for austerity:Hollande wins in France, Labour in Britain, anti-austerity in Greece.

A small but significant earthquake has occurred over the past few days in Europe. The victory of the Socialist party in the Presidential race combined with the election results in Greece along with the drubbing of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat pro-austerity party in Britain presage hopefully a shift in policy in response to the economic crisis away from the destructive and failed policies of austerity that have been implemented throughout Europe. 178 more words

Justifiable apathy

Editorial note: If you have not yet read our mission statement above, please do so in order that you can put our blogs in context.  … 276 more words