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A Dangerous Attitude: UK Wants Action On Climate Change But Opposes Or Ignores Everything

The planet is getting warmer, and it’s bad news for everyone. The rate of warming of global surface temperature has averaged more than 0.15 degrees celcius every decade since the mid 1970s, in central England, the temperature has increased by 1 degrees celcius since then. 2,041 more words


Head in the Game...

…or Heart on the sleeve.

“Tony Blair (and Gordon Brown) were the most important left-wing politicians in the UK since the 70’s. Discuss”.

Over my lifetime, I have experienced, in a very real sense two different kinds of UK government. 1,279 more words


Calais: The Realities of the Refugee Crisis

The refugees at Calais have caused quite the stir over the last few weeks, polarizing both public and political opinion. David Cameron thinks that we should build a fence to keep out the “swarm”. 815 more words


ZINE - Meg Woods: Number 5

This month we are showcasing political artist Meg Woods’ fifth zine. This issue focuses on the cabinet and as always is full of satirical flavour and some ugly truths…

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We Need To Talk About Jeremy... Corbyn

NHA leader Dr Clive Peedell on why we cannot afford to wait for Labour to wake up:

It’s impossible to avoid the Labour leadership competition, whether you feel you have a stake in it or not. 685 more words

Nhs Privatisation

Are You A Populist Simpleton?

Ukippers and Jeremy Corbyn supporters have often been steadfast in their political views for years, and as a result have languished in the political wilderness while those willing to bend, flatter and shapeshift their way toward sanitised focus group approval have been richly rewarded with power and success… 1,166 more words


Mourning the Liberal Democrats

A couple of months ago there was an election, and one yellow party was pretty much obliterated. The other yellow party had a fucking great time, but that’s a different story. 526 more words