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Hugh Grant: Murdoched [Mordored]

Is President and Prime Minister maker Rupert Murdoch headed for his Waterloo?

Murdoch was forced to flee Britain with his son James on tow when the British Establishment were unable to facilitate the covering up of the News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal any longer. 84 more words

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Only The Brave Now Dare Admit To Being Conservative Or Eurosceptic

When ordinary people with perfectly mainstream opinions are hesitant to express themselves for fear of being accused of racism, prejudice, stupidity or worse, our democracy is in real trouble… 2,065 more words

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None dare call it "evasion"

Just another example of how the business elites have normalised their criminal activities:

So when politicians, journalists and the public ask rude questions about how Google can pay its chief executive more in one year than it hands over to the British tax authorities, the company should have a simple answer.

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Lothian Women: Make your voices heard

On Thursday night I attended an event organised by women from Midlothian North and Musselburgh Labour Party at the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh.

The event was called ‘Lothian Women:Make your voices heard’ this was an event which was open to Labour Party members, non-members, men and women and candidates from all parties. 479 more words

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Matt Brittin v Meg Hillier

Google Europe chief Matt Brittin probably rues the rules of etiquette his parents instilled in him as a child, a teenage and a young adult – including the one that says talking about how much you earn is vulgar. 661 more words


Con(servative) Artists

A recent investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed that the Conservative Party may have over spent in three by-elections. Reportedly hundreds of receipts have been obtained by the news programme showing a massive amount of undeclared expenditure by the Party. 416 more words


The true cost of cutting mental health services

Recent reports have shown yet another failure within our system of care for those who are mentally ill, with more than 400 adults currently being forced to receive treatment more than 30 miles from their homes. 752 more words

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