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Janan Ganesh Is Wrong: Britain Can Still Make History - If We Leave The EU

A careless turn of phrase reveals a poisonous, negative attitude towards Britain held by prominent Remainers and EU apologists

What do passionate British europhiles and EU defenders really think about their own country? 1,101 more words

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Understanding Neoliberalism

Neoliberalism became kind of a big deal in politics from the 1970s onwards. Being propagated by economists at the University of Chicago before being tested in Latin America, Thatcher and Reagan brought it to the world stage. 734 more words


The EU Referendum

There’s one topic that is currently plastered all over the media, infiltrating every site that we visit with endless facts and figures, all leading to one question; … 1,215 more words


There Can Be No Rational Debate With Those Who Deceive Themselves About The EU's Purpose And Destination

I am no longer willing to indulge Remain supporters who insist on deceiving themselves (and others) that the European Union is a humble trading organisation with no pretensions to statehood or aspirations for ever more power… 1,791 more words

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Do we need to be educated on the true cost of the NHS?

Our healthcare- something that we do far better than America. But as the NHS slowly diminishes have we only got ourselves to blame?

Some days we find ourselves struggling at work or hung-over and are thankful that we can pop into our nearest supermarket to pick up a packet of paracetamol for only 14p all is resolved. 234 more words