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The Big Society is a Broken Pipe Dream, Just Look at Social Care

The Care Quality Commission state that the social care market is at a ‘tipping point’.  28 per cent of care homes are currently at risk of financial failure; savage cuts to care are not only undermining service users and carers, but the market itself. 349 more words

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"It's Tony Blair's fault..."

An imaginary conversation with the Labour leadership.

Me: “Was it right to push your MPs to vote for Brexit with no conditions attached? None of your amendments have passed, aren’t you just handing Britain on a platter to the anti-migrant ultra-nationalist vision of Theresa May?” 512 more words

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Scenes from Parliament: The Commons

A study of the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions. I started this piece as technical challenge; I wanted to see if I could handle this much information while at the same time keep everything in perspective. 78 more words


Dignity is a Right and the Government are Neglecting it

The rights of individuals, who may be left harmed or destitute by a lack of care, to adequate wellbeing and basic dignity are far from controversial. 224 more words

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After Brexit And Trump; The People Can No Longer Be Trusted

“The Deep State has one simple rule, ‘Do it our way, or else'”

We shall no doubt witness more Liberal Elitism at the Oscars in Hollywood this evening, that’s provided your unfortunate enough to view this self gratifying nonsense.

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Lefty's Sunday Selection Of Best Tweets [That's An Oxymoron, Lefty, If You Ask Me! - J.C. But Jeremy, I Am *Not* Asking You! So Will You Kindly - And Literally - Butt Out Of My Headline, Please! - L.], 19th-26th February

Hello, friends.

And I expect you’re all still celebrating last week’s literally amazing byelection successes, where Labour managed to hang on to that notoriously Hard-Right constituency, Stoke, and only narrowly missed winning the viciously Far-Right Copeland by a couple of thousand votes! 965 more words

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