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Anti-Tory Protester Worried His Clever Egg Metaphor Fell Flat on Social Media

After his delivery of a powerful yet succinct metaphor regarding the current state of and coming direction of the Conservative Party and the UK, a local protester camped outside the autumn Conservative Party conference expressed his doubts that the complexity and subtlety of his demonstration had been fully understood. 171 more words

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The Labour Conference: A New Direction

The Labour Conference in Brighton has been eagerly awaited by supporters and critics alike, as a stamp on the political left of Corbyn’s ultimate resolve as party leader. 553 more words

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Tory Party Conference: The Left's Ugly Side Reveals Itself In Manchester

Welcome to the New Politics, brought to you by the sulphurous, black heart of the modern British Left

Well, it was inevitable.

After spending the entirety of the general election campaign and the months following Labour’s defeat screaming hysterically about the Evil Tories and their supposed persecution of “the vulnerable” (funny how almost everyone in Britain is now in a state of permanent vulnerability, according to the Left), some of those protesting the Conservative Party conference in Manchester are now taking matters into their own hands. 1,094 more words


Corbyn at Conference. A message to Labour or to the People?

This past week we have seen Labour gather in un-precedented numbers for their annual conference in Brighton. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader on 59.5% of the first preference votes, seems to have invigorated much of the party. 810 more words

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Welcome to Dreamland

The Labour Party Conference is a strange environment- you walk past Len McCluskey in the queue for a coffee, find yourself having an argument with the shadow chancellor, and realise how bizarre some of the pressure groups that converge on some seaside town to lobby politicians, journalists and politics students really are. 716 more words