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Bleuuuuuuuuuughhh it's Farage again

Nigel Farage has made the news again. Perhaps ‘made the news’ is an inaccurate phrase, when he constantly resides there; like a nicotine-stained lodger living the back of a tabloid. 171 more words


Brexit & The Conservative Party: Chapter 1

This week, the main words coming out of everyone’s mouth was ‘Love Island’, ‘It’s coming home’, ‘Brexit’ and ‘Trump’. Quite honestly, there has been an awful lot of news this week. 487 more words

Political Stalemate

So just another normal week in UK politics? Two leading Cabinet figures have resigned, backbenchers are in open revolt against their Prime Minister and oh, the President of the United States has come to town. 366 more words

Mike Hough

The ERG now have a decision to make!

Billed as a day of drama, possible coups and resignations, yesterday’s Cabinet summit at Chequers turned into a bit of an anti-climax. Brexiters in the Cabinet said to be disgruntled with Theresa May’s latest proposals largely weighed in behind the Prime Minister. 343 more words

Mike Hough

The curious case of Boris Johnson

It has not been an easy week for the Foreign Secretary.

It begun with reports the Foreign Secretary repeatedly used an expletive when asked about the fears of business leaders over Brexit. 370 more words

Mike Hough

Right-wing generation Z

The political differences between generations can be existential to political parties. In the United Kingdom, age accounts for one of the strongest political predictors of voting in elections. 861 more words

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