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Theresa May is the Gretchen Weiners to Trump's Regina George - and it's not OK

Over the weekend, we saw horrific scenes from the United States as the “alt-right” (aka, a bunch of white supremacists/neo-Nazis) violently protested in Charlottesville, severely injuring counter-protesters, and even killing a woman by running her down with a car. 329 more words


Do you've to vote to be politically active in a democracy?

A lot of young people reading this may not be old enough to vote but does this mean young people can’t discuss politics or become politically active in their society? 400 more words

Brexit Fun

A new category of cartoon as there are a number of great cartoons on this topic around

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How can we be a civilised society while allowing homelessness to fester?

Homelessness is all our problem, it is an issue that effects us all. Whether directly through being on the streets ourselves, or indirectly through the society which we call our own. 394 more words

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Memory, Not Knowledge: The British Education System

Education is an important part of every person’s life. It can make or break your future. But it is all wrong. Nothing about the British education system aims to help young people in their future unless of course, they attend a top private school and their greatest life ambition is to be the next prime minister. 582 more words