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Is Donald Trump British?

In some formal sense the answer is yes: His mother was Scottish, after all. But I’m thinking of two pathologies that are dominant in British politics, and observable in the purest form yet seen in Trump: 396 more words


A Brexit Business Plan

In the absence of a government Business Plan for Brexit, I think that the plan described here would find favour with the electorate.

1 The first step is to trigger Article 50 for the formal exit from the EU. 207 more words

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Are Our Banks Still Too Big To Fail?


There was a time when I kept my head down, shuffling along with the other commuters, then jammed in like a dead sardine on a tube train as I made my way to my 9-5 office job. 2,588 more words

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Making a difference - join a pro-Remain group

​If you feel strongly that the UK will not benefit from leaving the EU, then why not join a pro-Remain group?

Find like-minded individuals with ideas and suggestions on how to make a difference. 12 more words

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No Revenge?

THE European Union’s Brexit negotiator-in-chief has been caught secretly softening on the bloc’s hardline stance to punish Britons for voting to leave the union.

Leaked minutes from a meeting between MEPs and negotiator Michel Barnier reveal the first signs that Europe is toning down its claims that the whole of Europe will be thrown into a state of financial turmoil if the bloc loses its links to the City of London. 215 more words


Making a difference - using Trump for inspiration 

The mobilisation of various anti-Trump groups in the US has resulted in a wealth of ideas about how to peacefully resist and change Brexit too. 7 more words

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