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'Bullying in Government Nothing New' Says Shapps

Has Shapps ignored his own report on bullying?

In 2010 the RT Hon Grant Shapps shared this message with the world:

Bullying in Government nothing new.

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The Daily Toast: The Right Reasons For Britain To Bomb ISIS In Syria

Building the case for military action against ISIS in Syria solely on the proposition that it will make us safer at home is over-optimistic, unprovable and damaging to the other, less alarmist (but stronger) arguments in favour of intervention… 971 more words

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Godfrey Bloom


Both characters fictional and neither belong on earth


Cameron and Hollande: Opportunism after the Paris attacks?

The other morning, I was watching the memorial service for the victims of the Paris attacks two weeks ago. It was really moving, especially when they showed a series of photographs of the people who had been killed, with captions that stated their name, age, where they were from, and where they died. 884 more words

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Schools failing on same-sex relationship education

Sex education is a key part of a young person’s life, especially given how sexualised British society is, yet research from Birmingham City University and Sheffield Hallam University has revealed that these lessons are ignoring gay and lesbian relationships. 590 more words
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Should We Bomb ISIS In Syria?

When considering whether Britain should join airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, listen to anyone except those people preaching certainties

Should Britain join the group of countries launching airstrikes against ISIS in Syria? 2,137 more words

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There are ways the UK can help defeat 'Islamic State', but air strikes is not one of them

Following the Paris terror attacks on November 13th and the downing of a Russian civilian airplane, the question of how to deal with Islamic State has once again been propelled into the political spotlight. 790 more words

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