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Labour and the Snap Election

His many missteps notwithstanding,1 Jeremy Corbyn is still the most progressive party leader that the political mainstream in this country has ever thrown up. The Labour Right, full of sound and fury since September 2015, has failed in all that time to articulate even a single substantive critique of Corbyn’s policy proposals, many of which continue to enjoy a large measure of popular support. 2,028 more words

Jill Dando : Justice Denied

Was the brutal execution of Jill Dando, 17 years ago this week, linked to a VIP paedophile ring which was operating within the BBC, Parliament, the Royal Palaces, and beyond ? 66 more words

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Lefty’s Sunday Selection Of Tweets, 16th-23rd April

Hello, friends.

And I hope you are all feeling as optimistic as I am about 8th June, when Jeremy will finally – literally – smash the Hard-Right Bullingdon Bully Boy May back on to her criminally Far-Right kitten heels! 566 more words

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'Crush the Saboteurs', Neutralise Parliament & Set Up a One-Party State...?

Theresa May’s sudden call for a General Election – to be held on June 8th – caught many by surprise.

Having previously said on multiple occasions that she didn’t intend to hold another election, she suddenly changed her mind. 1,795 more words



Maastricht, in the Netherlands, is the picturesque city that gave its name to the famous treaty signed in 1992 by the twelve nations of the European Community at the time, and which paved the way for the foundation of today’s European Union and the single currency, the euro. 523 more words


Current trends in UK voting

A new poll for UK Telegraph has revealed that Tories more trusted on 4 major issues with a strong improvement against Labour on the NHS> 70 more words


Stop Applauding "Election Fatigued" Brenda From Bristol

If you are emotionally taxed by having to trundle off to your local polling station once a year, maybe you don’t deserve the privileges of citizenship… 1,330 more words

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