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GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Brexit will not dominate a meeting of European Union leaders in the wake of the June 23 vote.

Mrs Merkel said does not want the UK referendum to overshadow the upcoming meeting in the Slovak capital Bratislava. 139 more words


On Owen Smith

Owen Smith is the worst person in British politics

I have been struggling to put my finger on exactly why it is that I loathe Owen Smith with such a visceral, burning, contemptuous rage. 1,682 more words

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By-Election: Lochs (Fife)

What an interesting case to kick off our weekly analysis of local by-elections!

The final bastion of communism in the UK has fallen, after being held by Willie Clarke, the UK’s last self-professed communist in government, since 1973. 402 more words


English regionalism – here to stay or a flash in the pan?

How are the English regionalist parties faring, three years after Yorkshire First and the North East Party appeared on the scene? Has English regionalism – the dog that failed to bark in the night – finally found its voice? 816 more words

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Labour isn't Europe's biggest party

By Paul Canning

Reproduced by kind permission from the author’s original posting on his blog.

It is one of those little things that illustrates something bigger. 694 more words

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Power Down the 'Northern Powerhouse'

Northern Powerhouse, looking North, ‘The North’ – all terms thrown around by politicians on the left and the right to give them social equity credentials. And yet the phrases almost unanimously trigger tuts from anyone classified as ‘Northern’ – and with good reason. 359 more words


#traingate - Are UK trains overcrowded?

This week, there was yet another political controversy on newspaper front pages and trending on Twitter: #traingate. To those who haven’t followed the story, here’s a brief… 717 more words

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