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The Sexist Mindset of British Business

In 1970 Harold Wilson’s Labour government passed the Equal Pay Act which prohibited men from being given more favourable pay and conditions of employment in comparison to a woman doing the same job. 680 more words
UK Politics

Labour. Oh dear.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Labour and I’m amazed at the self destruction that has been going on these last few years.   292 more words



No one could have predicted the likely outcome of the Labour leadership election: that a 66 year old backbench MP from Islington will defeat three opponents who were basically bred to be potential Labour leaders. 650 more words


Scotland Announces Ban On Growing GMO Crops, While America..............!!!

Scotland a ban on growing genetically modified crops.

Imagine how the Scottish Whisky Industry would ‘Evaporate’ if GMO Malted Barley was introduced into its product. 128 more words

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Signposts or Weathervanes?

The trouble with most politicians these days is that if you ask them what they stand for, they will most likely answer: parliament.

There is a cherished breed of politician who campaigns to get into parliament in order to represent their constituents’ best interests, and to act as a catalyst for positive and progressive change. 595 more words


Ian Duncan Smith: the exemplar of right wing tunnel vision

In a new plan to cut £12 billion of benefit costs, the Work and Pension’s Secretary has announced plans to cut the ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) to only include those who’ve completed the necessary work capability assessments, as well as previously making harsher punishments for those who don’t comply with their new Job Seeker’s requirements. 582 more words


UK Official Warns Public To Stock Up On Food, Water, Cash In Preparation For Crash [Videos]

Make of the report in the Independent Newspaper, what you will. More Fear Porn, would be one observation. Then we have the ‘Head in the Clouds’ mentality, not forgetting the ‘Stick your Head up your Proverbial’ 65 more words