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I’m completely fed up with seeing articles about schools banning girls from wearing short skirts or makeup. The headteacher’s justification is always the problematic notion that it’s ‘distracting to the boys’ which irks me more than enough, but one that really got to me today said… 1,057 more words

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The very depressing Labour leadership election.

The ongoing Labour leadership election has exposed Labour as a party that is unable to break free from the political terrain engendered by, most immediately, the Coalition government and more historically Thatcherism. 840 more words


When Is The Islamic State Not The Islamic State?

When is the Islamic State in Syria – ISIS – not the Islamic State in Syria?

Apparently the answer to this question is: since a couple of days ago, when the hive mind of lazy politician groupthink decided that we must bend and warp journalistic practice – and the English language itself – in order to make it clearer that the majority of us do not condone the activities of that brutal, backward-looking group of primitive fundamentalists. 1,216 more words


Education is Key

When a minimum wage is not enough to allow someone to live their life independently, be able to afford a home, food and bills there is a problem. 479 more words

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Greens, Jeremy Corbyn and uniting the Left

A prominent Brighton blogger, Dani Ahrens, recently posted a piece reporting that she had signed up as a Labour supporter in order to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour party leadership election – from the perspective of someone who has publicly supported the Green Party.   869 more words

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Should we consider Margaret Thatcher a feminist icon?

The UK’s first female prime minister governed from 1979 until 1990, when her own cabinet, feeling alienated and disillusioned, chose to remove and replace her with John Major. 963 more words


PMQs. A useless piece of Theatre?

Prime Ministers Questions. Every Wednesday at 12 noon the Prime Minister appears in the House of Commons, to answer questions from the House. This in theory is a great idea. 697 more words

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