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A symptom of a Failing System. A revision of "Too poor to live in safety".

After my words about Grenfell, I sensed that certain, errr… “affluent” types weren’t quite getting what I meant by “Too poor to live in safety”. I didn’t think I had to spell it out but, hipsters being hipsters I felt I had to facetiously cram their thick frame Raybans so far down their throats that they can heat up the shit they were about to vocalise, simply by tilting their heads towards the sun. 1,410 more words


When even a High Court judge says Tory policy causes 'real misery for no good purpose', you know it's crunch time

First published by The Independent 

Today, the High Court ruled that the benefits cap, one of the Tories’ flagship welfare policies, is unlawful, because it amounts to illegal discrimination against single parents with small children. 711 more words

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Grenfell Tower And Westminster's Assault On Local Democracy

The latest casualty of the Grenfell Tower fire is local democracy

One of the key ideals of democracy – only ever half-heartedly observed in the United Kingdom – is the principle of subsidiarity, the notion that higher levels of government should take on only those duties which cannot be performed at a lower level by local officials more directly accountable to local people. 1,401 more words

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Theresa May and the Zombie Queen's Speech

Theresa May is, to quote George Osborne, “a dead woman walking” and today’s Queen’s Speech perfectly exemplified this fact. May had initially intended that the announcement of a date for the speech would be a way of gaining leverage on the DUP but this did not happen and as a result there is not yet a formal arrangement in place to prop up a Tory minority government. 1,099 more words
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Badass in the UK |Podcast: David Snape & Amazon's Alexa Take On The News

Welcome to my first taste of Podcast.

This is a test to see if this idea works. Myself and my amazon echo ‘Alexa’ are taking on the news with stats, humour and what’s going on. 56 more words

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My Piece In Today's Far-Right Guardian, Which Supports Our Owen's Thesis On Why The Racist Neoliberal Paradigm Is - Literally - Crumbling, Friends!

Hello, friends.

And here is my latest piece in today’s Far-Right Guardian, in which I – literally – support Owen Smith’s [It’s Jones, Lefty! 342 more words

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Macrons don't grow on trees

By Jake Wilde

There’s a cruel hot sun beating down upon those of us stranded in The Desert of the Centre Ground. Aghast at the Trotskylite offer from Labour and the Tories’ intolerable incompetence I know I’m not alone in pondering upon the circumstances under which a UK version of En Marche, let alone a British Macron, might emerge, or whether the whole notion is simply a mirage. 1,756 more words

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