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On the referendum #24E: Facebook proves central allegation in Observer/Channel 4 conspiracy theory is wrong

Facebook has provided evidence to Parliament and the ICO and Electoral Commission relevant to the recent stories about whistleblowers and the referendum.

It proves exactly what I have said about the Observer/C4 conspiracy theory that Vote Leave/I were secretly coordinating with Leave.EU/Cambridge Analytica and using the infamous Kogan/Cambridge Analytica data. 469 more words

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May confuses Windrush with Bumrush

Theresa May has been accused of deporting British citizens faster than you can say ‘Brexit leashed to a cheetah’.  In her haste to reduce migration figures as Home Secretary, she has confused expatriation with the job of bouncer from Magaluf. 138 more words


I wanna hold your (geopolitical) hand

The trans-Atlantic romcom goes into its next season. We recall the highlight of last season, when Theresa and Donald were sharing a personal moment in their “special relationship”. 76 more words


Do loony leftists use the right-hand rule?

So Leave.EU is still active, and apparently last year they were soliciting a graphic to ridicule journalist Carole Cadwalladr:

As a mathematical scientist it strikes me as significant that she is considered to be discredited by association with three images: Flat Earth, Illuminati (though it looks to me like the Masonic eye from the US dollar bill), and what looks like a cheat sheet for an introductory electromagnetism course. 30 more words


UK Local Elections Looking Good for Labour in London, But Others Could be in Trouble

Britain is going to the polls again. No Theresa May has not called another election, England has a number of local authorities up for election, including several mayoralties and a number of councils. 465 more words

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Exclusive: Labour council candidate attacks #EnoughIsEnough protests as “Tories after jewish money” and not “real Jews” — Conservative Home

Back in February, there was a council by-election in Epsom and Ewell. The Labour Party’s chosen candidate was Themba Msika, a mental health nurse in the NHS: He was defeated, but Epsom and Ewell Labour Party were apparently very pleased with Msika, hailing him as a “brilliant candidate”: A few weeks later, however, Msika took…

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Sadiq Khan warns Trump to expect loud protests if he visits the UK — Fellowship of the Minds

I doubt President Trump is worried about this. Khan is the one who should be worried Trump is going to call out the mayor’s own lack of “good leadership” regarding the rise in knife attacks in his city.

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