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Hello, friends.

And I am literally delighted to announce a new feature for this Blog, which is being produced at literally at no extra cost to you, my readers! 430 more words

UK Politics


THERESA May has emphatically stood up to all the EU leaders by saying she will not rubber stamp any agreement the Brussels bloc makes unless Britain was present during negotiations. 184 more words


UKIP reaches vital crossroads

One thing is absolutely certain: as the days and weeks pass by, Nigel Farage’s legacy as UKIP leader seems all the more remarkable.

How on earth did he keep a party so fractured in check for so long? 749 more words


Lib Dem Redemption

It is always unwise to draw too many conclusions from a by-election or read too far into the results. However, with traditional polling consistently proving unreliable and the public mood seemingly impossible to judge, the result in Witney may be the best insight available to political strategists. 445 more words

Why Leave & Brexit Won

You could be forgiven for thinking that the result, of the biggest democratic vote in UK, was some kind of abomination or fluke. Those representing the remain campaign, much of the establishment and large parts of the media, have represented the remarkable result of June 23rd 2016 as the result of dreadful lies, guerilla tactics, racism, stupidity and gullibility. 2,719 more words

UK Politics

The (Financial Terrorists) Bankers Have Total Global Control

Conspiracy? You Bet There Is.

Clearly you can see with Global Banking the Global Community are the ‘Conspired Against’

Banking what a ‘Fantastic Business Model’ 213 more words

American Politics

How did Farage even happen?

Well this is a bit of a pickle, isn’t it?

The majority of the UK electorate (small majority, but majority nonetheless) have voted to leave the European Union, the pound is now the worst performing currency on the planet, we have a leader of the opposition who quite a few people picked, and a Prime Minister who nobody picked. 635 more words