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On the morning of 28th October, 1931, Britain woke up to one of the most remarkable political events in British history.

Seeking approval for a bizarre coalition of Conservatives, dissident Labourites and Liberals, Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald had gone to the country just two years into a Parliament. 1,861 more words


Londoners pat themselves on the stiff upper lip

The story to date: A petty criminal from Kent committed a murder suicide in the centre of London, killing 4 and injuring 40. The attacker was Muslim, which seems to be enough for this to be classified as a terror attack*, and so the English… 288 more words


Rocky Road

EX-Greek finance minister, who went head-to-head with the EU over his country’s debt collapse, has claimed that the Treaty of Rome anniversary is “nothing to celebrate”. 369 more words


Brexit negotiations: What are the red lines EU and Britain won't cross?

UK-EU negotiations must take into the account “gazillion” of issues. But if you look at both sides, where do you see clear red lines for them, is it anything Britain much achieve to avoid being perceived as a total loser, and is it anything like this on the EU side? 1,958 more words


BBC Blunder On Live Telly Over Westminster Terror Attack [video]

“The laws in Britain are the best in the world for raising money, but for little else” Winston, London.

Yes its the BBC again, Britain’s equivalent of CNN, but wait you Americans come in as also runs, not a blip the radar.

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The State Of The Nation

More British Bollocks From Terror Apologist Louise Mensch On The Bill Maher Show 'It's Those Dam Russians Again'

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true and the other is to refuse to believe what is true” Soren Kierkegaard.

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American Politics

The Home Secretary goes after Whatsapp end-to-end encryption

Only a matter of days from Wednesday’s terrorist attack, Amber Rudd MP the UK’s Home Secretary gave an interview on the The Andrew Marr Show during which she said Whatsapp end-to-end encryption is ‘completely unacceptable’ and that the Government need to make sure that organisations like Whatsapp don’t create ‘a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other’. 278 more words