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Labour deliberately muddies the water about how much its policies would cost — Conservative Home

John McDonnell’s Labour conference speech followed a familiar pattern today. He pledged “we’ll bring existing PFI contracts back in-house”, an eye-catching announcement certain to garner headlines.

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Florence Speech

On Friday, after weeks of anticipation, Our Dear Leader finally delivered her big speech on Brexit. The chosen location was Florence, Italy. The Government explained this by talking up Florence’s famous history as a wealthy, trading city and linking this to the Prime Minister’s vision of a future ‘Global Britain’. 993 more words

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So this is how a law is made in case you were wondering

Ever wondered why laws exist and how that even became a thing?

Law making seems like a long af process that’s really complicated and stressful, and well, it is, but it’s pretty simple to understand in principle – especially if you use fun gifs. 399 more words

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Agendas & Apologia

It’s not a backlash against Islam that Britain needs to fear, it’s the opposite. That the country is too restrained, too tolerant, and too fundamentally decent, still, to react to its changed circumstances. 814 more words


Halifax Georgia: “Bubbling tension could lead to riots”

“Bubbling tension” and communities living parallel lives could create monumental societal problems further down the line, according to the central victim of the Halifax grooming gang scandal. 737 more words


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Irish Border

Guy Verhofstadt, European Parliaments Brexit negotiator, has said that the UK, mainly the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly, need to meet and decide whether of not their is going to be a trade border. 172 more words

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