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Time to bang up the banksters

Is it not time we banged up a few banksters?

Each time there is a new banking scandal, more evidence emerges of their criminal activities, it is put down to a few rogue traders. 229 more words


Time to get tough on tax dodgers

When we hear, as we did during the boring election campaign, what do you wish to cut, if not hopsitals, then schools or libraries, or welfare payments, it simply is not true, not if everyone paid their fair share of tax. 10 more words

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Anti-austerity protest

24 hours since winning the election. First #ToriesOutNow protest in London. Heavy police presence throughout pic.twitter.com/Idz6ZOEsiP

— Nargess Moballeghi (@nmobal) May 9, 2015

The BBC isn't even reporting on this protest so let's make people aware.

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Open letter to George Osborne

Dear Mr Osborne,

You have spoken a lot of rhetoric about “people who want to work hard and get on”. It sounds fine. Few people would argue with supporting those who want to work hard and get on. 1,303 more words

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Something rotten with football

Well done to all involved in @theFAN_uk fighting for the rights of everyone who loves football #ThingsCanChange pic.twitter.com/cLGTJ34qoS

— Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) April 18, 2015…

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Russell Brand pays Lord Rothermere a visit

We have heard a lot lately of an elite group of people known as non-doms, that is not domiciled in the UK, and so avoid tax. 214 more words

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