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Global Education Systems; the importance of research before you go

Writer Matt Exell talks about why it is good to be aware of the education system you are moving to.

So, coming to a new place is always a difficult experience.  535 more words


PhD Life: A Little Bit of Preparation

Disclaimer: This post assumes that you have taken time off before your PhD. Of course, these ideas can also apply to those who are undertaking a PhD straight after their previous degree. 477 more words


How to Kick Start Your 1st Term at Imperial

Summer’s just ended (although if you’re from London you wouldn’t feel that – it’s never even been summer at all) and you already started packing. You kiss your mum/pupper/teddy bear other half goodbye and wipe off that nasty tear thing that’s gotten into your eye. 700 more words

UK Universities

PhD Life: Applications

Disclaimer: This blog post is probably only applicable to Arts and Humanities applications for UK universities. Its also only applicable to ‘own project’ applications, rather than already funded projects that have proposals already. 1,390 more words


Total Recruitment - Baku Autumn 2017

This weekend Studybritish.com hosted a full programme of recruitment activities for high-end UK universities in Baku, Azerbaijan.

“Thanks for a good event – we can always rely on you guys to deliver! 102 more words


REPORT: More Then 100 Radical Speakers Invited To British Universities

Universities in the United Kingdom have hosted 110 speeches/events featuring radical speakers in the last academic year, 2016-17, with the highest percentage being held within London, a report has found. 435 more words

So what's this big fuss about university abroad?

You’re probably here because you thought once or twice in your life about studying somewhere other than home. It could be because you think your country couldn’t offer you good enough education – or a good enough job for the special… 770 more words

UK Universities