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Citizenship confusion for ISIS bride in Syria

Shamima Begum left London as a 15 year old in 2015 to join ISIS in Syria. She was recently found in a refugee camp in Syria after (reportedly) leaving the last stronghold of ISIS. 840 more words


50 Things That Bring Happiness Into My Life

Hi there!

So, recently I haven’t been feeling too great, hence the decision to write about 50 things that make me happy. I do lists like this in my head and verbally to my friends, but I thought that maybe if I wrote one down physically and publicly then it may inspire others to do the same and is something that I can look back on in times like this. 296 more words


Prince Harry closes his own car door like he’s just an average Joe

Prince Harry is following in his wife’s footsteps by doing something millions of us do every day, without fail.

Yes, he just closed his own car door. 473 more words


Activist, 13, will skip school until government takes climate change seriously

A young environmental activist has said she will continue to skip school every week until the Government ‘takes climate change seriously’.

Holly Gillibrand, 13, from the Scottish Highlands, ditches her first lesson every Friday morning as she, alongside around 10 other pupils, demand Scottish leaders and the prime minister to take action. 361 more words