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It's never okay to do this on the Tube

Just to be clear, we don’t mean reading the Metro. That’s something you should be doing daily.

This guy was spotted with his pants half way down his thighs sitting on a seat that you may well one day sit on. 98 more words


GCSE results day 2016: What to do if you don’t want to do A-levels

It might be the route many take, but A Levels really aren’t the only option after receiving your GCSE results.

Going straight into work is one alternative but there are plenty of other qualifications on offer if you still want to go to university or need additional training to access the career you want. 494 more words


Protesters are holding a burkini beach party outside the French embassy

There’s going to be a massive, amazing beach party at the French embassy today – but it’s not some touristy initiative to get you to visit France. 315 more words


Suspect package blown up by police turned out to be a pesto sandwich

Police carried out a controlled explosion at the weekend on what is believed to have been a pesto sandwich.

Borough High Street was closed off on Sunday afternoon leaving people trapped in a Sainsbury’s and a nearby pub. 126 more words


Nigel Farage speaks at Trump rally

Real Clear Politics | 24 Aug 2016

Nigel Farage at Trump Rally: Anything Is Possible If Enough Decent People Fight the Establishment

Former leader of the UK Independent Party Nigel Farage, credited for Brexit, addressed the audience at a Trump campaign rally in Jackson, Mississippi on Wednesday night. 154 more words