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Mercedes-Benz Digital Light

Three years ago, through the F 015, Mercedes-Benz showed the Digital Light as a new technology that could be available in the next generation S-Class and Mercedes-Maybach. 119 more words


BMW M5 Competition

When a buyer decides to buy the new generation BMW M5 or the M5 Competition, it is possible to configure between the 4 WD, 4 WD Sport, and 2WD settings. 79 more words


Porsche 992

It will be interesting to watch on your favorite video-sharing website a comparative between Porsche GT3 R Hybrid (2010) with the 992.2 GT3 RS hybrid version. 246 more words


Chevrolet Blazer

Analyzing the Chevrolet lineup, basically, the company design vision is divided in two ways: The Corvette C7 and the Chevy Camaro sixth-generation.

Taking an example, the Chevrolet Cruze and the Malibu front-end received a sleek design from the first one, and the best choice to buy a Camaro-inspired was the… 229 more words


Codinome Scorpion

In 2012, when Audi dominated FIA World Endurance Championship, the German company was studying the viability to have a competitor for the hypercar holy trinity. However, the plans didn’t work as plan. 110 more words


Be #2

When #VB77 was driving for @WilliamsRacing with Massa, Bottas was the #1 driver. Now, things are different. @MercedesAMGF1 has changed the philosophy after Nico retirement. #LH44 is the #1 because he already was a champion in 2008, and there is a possibility to be until the end of his the contract. 23 more words