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Drum and bass all day, every day!

I am lucky enough to have a job where its socially acceptable to listen to music all day long. 614 more words


Kalman filters (and how they relate to HMMs)

Kalman filters are insanely popular in many engineering fields, especially those involve sensors and motion tracking. Consider how to design a radar system to track military aircrafts (or warships, submarines, … for that matter), how to track people or vehicles in a video stream, how to predict location of a vehicle carrying a GPS sensor… In all these cases, some (advanced) variation of Kalman filter is probably what you would need. 1,110 more words

Machine Learning

Call for Speakers

The Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SKA) is excited to invite English teachers and teacher trainers from Slovakia, Europe and around the world to share their expertise at its 3rd annual international ELT conference the 22nd and 23rd of September 2017, at… 305 more words

Call For Speakers

Essentials: "To Say Goodbye" - Slushii

Looking to kick off your Friday with a little flashback? Slushii‘s “To Say Goodbye” encapsulates the good old days of melodic UKF-style dubstep, bringing together modern electronic elements and the bass-heavy, expansive sound we all grew up on. 35 more words