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80 UWS Star Wars Week - Promotional Video - 13th April 2016

UWS Paisley Campus, Paisley 18:00 – 21:30

Mission Report
Goodness me, that was a lot of fun.

The possibility of this even to shoot a promotional video for University of the West of Scotland to tie in with their screenings of The Force Awakens on across the campuses next month had been mentioned back in the middle of March so it was quite disappointing that it hadn’t been posted for discussion on our boards to allow more of the ISS to attend.  224 more words


79 Greener Morton Open Day Swap Shop - 13th March 2016

Greenock Morton Football Stadium, Greenock 12:00 – 14:00

Mission Report
What to say… What to say…

This event happened. It was alright.

Suffice to say, the new film a few months back and did not fill me with a renewed passion for all things Star Wars, so when it came to about 09:30 on Sunday morning I was quite prepared to just stay in bed and not bother turning up for the 11:00 start. 469 more words


Boomtown Announcement & Playlist

Summer is creeping up fast and our friends at Boomtown are announcing their city district line ups weekly throughout March. We’re gassed over this year’s new Sector 6 area bringing you all things bass, grime and garage. 62 more words

December 2015! Belgrade!!

Hello blog yang makin usang karena penulisnya males-malesan sekedar mampir aja. :P

Di penghujung tahun yang superb keren ini ditutup sama, laporan kegiatan… ah, sudahlah (cium laptop) 566 more words

冒険....lil' Adventure


Uji  Kompetensi Guru  disingkat UKG  adalah  sebuah  kegiatan Ujian untuk  mengukur kompetensi dasar  tentang  bidang  studi  (subjectmatter)  dan  pedagogik  dalam  domain  content Guru. Kompetensi dasar  bidang  studi  yang  diujikan  sesuai  dengan  bidang  studi sertifikasi  (bagi guru yang  sudah  bersertifikat  pendidik)  dan  sesuai dengan kualifikasi akademik guru (bagi guru yang belum bersertifikatpendidik).   183 more words


U.K.G Chronicles!

I promise myself that I would blog on a regular basis, but just like my new year resolutions every year, they wither away after the first few weeks! 527 more words