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Calais Jungle Moving to England?

In the latest instalment of the Prime Minister’s campaign to keep Britain in the European Union, he is ‘expected to say’ that our exit could result in camps such as the Calais ‘jungle’ popping up across the South-East of England: 827 more words


Yes, it's a tough sell but young people should still vote to remain in the EU

The Britain Stronger In Europe campaign may be nothing more than a poor Better Together tribute act but for the nation’s young people, the European Union still represents a beacon of opportunity.  680 more words


Time for Plaid Cymru to come off the fence

With elections to the Welsh Assembly no more than three months away, the rhetorical war is hotting up.  According to yesterday’s Western Mail, the Conservatives are now demanding… 778 more words

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Looking Forward to Brexit? Welcome to Minsk…

In early September 2003 the Estonian Kanal 2 TV channel aired a program to explain a few details about the upcoming referendum on that country’s membership of the EU. 1,126 more words

The Right Honorable David Davis MP loses his way on brexit

I used to have a lot of time for the Right Honorable David Davis MP and won’t forget his brave stance on defending civil liberties when he… 1,989 more words


EU Referendum - June 2016?

UKIP leadership think Cameron may call a snap referendum in June!!

I imagine it may be because the President of the EU said today that whatever Cameron thinks he has in concessions, they can easily be reversed. 9 more words

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UKIP supporters could 'vote to STAY in EU'

Poll reveals a chunk of UKIP supporters would vote to remain in the European Union if David Cameron’s renegotiation is successful.

Ukip is primarily known for wanting to leave the EU and the party’s leader Nigel Farage has been credited with helping force David Cameron into promising a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU. 161 more words