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UK Politics: Jeremy Corbyn and the Atomisation of the Labour Party

With apologies to all who have no interest in British politics, I can’t resist commenting on the current struggle within the Labour Party to find a new leader. 2,316 more words


Purple Goes Pink for UKIP Mayoral Race

UKIP don’t have a great reputation amongst the gay community after campaigning against marriage equality and even blaming floods on gay sinners.

So good news that their Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle is highly likely to be the party’s candidate for Mayor of London. 58 more words

Guido Fawkes

Welfarism of the Saudi royals and Scandinavians

Keith Hudson

In a comment to my blog of yesterday (“Socialists and Democrats . . . “) Ghassan Karam asks me whimsically whether I’m advocating that the “Royal family of Saudi Arabia should not try to spread the wealth but keep the hundreds of billions of dollars each year for its 3000 members”. 243 more words

Labour – Putting party politics ahead of local people

In a recent post, I highlighted issues in the Charville ward in Hayes that had been brought to my attention by local residents. These had been relayed to the local councillors to look in to, which elicited the following response from Labour’s John Oswell… 860 more words


Banners binned by council which won't prosecute fly-posters

Our council officials’ inconsistent approach to aspects of enforcement of some local rules and laws continue to baffle the public.

The difference in approach has been highlighted through a complaint by one of our local MPs over the over-zealous removal and destruction of banners promoting nothing more sinister than a primary school fair and the Purley Festival. 1,158 more words

Croydon Council

Tony Blair Is Right: Nationalism Is Ugly. But the Best Way to Defeat It Is by Winning a Referendum

Like some perverse retelling of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Ed Miliband was haunted by ghosts of prime ministers past – especially during the election campaign and by one of them in particular. 1,065 more words


Didyouhear Podcast 6 ! Did Obama go to Columbia U?

In this edition I take a little bit of a look at Obama and his seeming fall from grace (why did he get a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing?!)  and how Nigel Farage has given Obama the diplomatic finger for attempting to interfere in domestic UK policy (again).   19 more words