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Au revoir UK...

… don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out.

As the Labour party holds its autumn conference, highlighted by the re-election of its hard left, anti-EU leader Corbyn, it is now patently obvious that British politics is heading in a downward spiral that is being foreseen as a backward step both economically and socially. 341 more words


The other big topic of discussion at the Labour Party Conference is anti-Semitism, false allegations of which have been used to suspend innumerable members of the party and so stop them voting Jeremy Corbyn for leader. 350 more words

Another "what if it were UKIP" situation

I sit here, yet again, looking at a range of articles detailing bad goings on at the Labour Party. I find myself scratching my head and wondering what the national media would have made of what has happened at the Labour Party the last 4 days had it been UKIP. 742 more words

UKIP are the real party of feminism

UKIP have elected Diane James, who has become the first elected female leader of a major party since Thatcher. This leads UKIP to become the most open party to feminist, long gone are the days of “ 744 more words


Having it both ways

The past week has seen a return to the issue of the Labour Party leadership on many News and Current Affairs features here. Most pundits are predicting that Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected by the party members, and that he is set to defeat his nondescript opponent, the former pharmaceutical company lobbyist, Owen Smith. 500 more words


UKIP: Is The Party Over?

Diane James has recently been elected as the new leader of the UK Independence Party. On the one hand, it must feel like quite an achievement to have become the new face of Britain’s third most popular party, but then again, judging by UKIP’s current situation, that’s a bit like getting promoted to the pilot of an aircraft that has lost both it’s engines mid-flight, and only because the previous pilot has already parachuted out. 473 more words

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Kippers on the Labour menu?

It is generally agreed that the reason Cameron made his EU Referendum manifesto pledge was to ward off the threat of the seemingly rising tide of UKIP, following their success in the EU parliamentary elections. 270 more words