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Night Of The Long Knives: Will you support the Caroline Stephens comeback campaign? 

Tainted ‘Brexiteer’ Caroline Stephens is planning a comeback on the Brexit scene funded by Christian Brexiteers. Their plan is to send her on a tour of Europe, starting in Greece to promote anti-EU causes. 2,106 more words


Stoke Central will define UKIP’s future success or failure

With our world being awash with significant events on what feels like an almost daily basis, it would be very easy to overlook the potential impact of the Stoke Central By-Election both in terms for the future of Labour, put perhaps more importantly UKIP. 582 more words

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What #PaulNuttall doesn't want you to know he thinks of the #NHS - in his own words

Great find tonight by @Rachael_Swindon, who managed to find an archived copy of an article that UKIP leader Paul Nuttall wrote a couple of years ago – and published on his own website as well – about the NHS. 617 more words

More wild speculation.

The story so far …

The bourgeoisie will never forgive the tories for their mistake, Cameron had to jump or someone would have shot him. Boris remains the ‘useful idiot’. 628 more words


What do the main UK parties want from Brexit?

In the wake of Thersa May’s speech at Lancaster House on Tuesday, this article deals with what the main parties actually want out of Brexit, and what they think our future relationship with the EU should be. 962 more words


Can UKIP Win in Stoke-on-Trent Central?

Tristram Hunt has today triggered the process needed to resign as the member of parliament for Stoke-on-Trent Central.

The Labour Party have announced that the by-election will take place on the 23rd February 2017. 513 more words


Dear #PaulNuttall: if nobody counted them how do you know there were 350k?

This blog has covered various debacles involving UKIP leader Paul Nuttall recently, from his dubious and apparently self-contradictory claims about being at the Hillsborough disaster t0 his apparently non-existent MEP’s office and constituency staff that he’s still claiming large amounts of EU money for. 388 more words