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A UK group went undercover to fight the alt right. Will its unorthodox tactics work in the US?

The alt-right movement is centered on the idea of white nationalism. So it’s somewhat ironic that the movement has gone international. There is now a global community of people who hate globalization; a borderless network of trolls and ideologues who advocate for stronger borders. 1,366 more words

Labour MP “wilfully ignorant” of grooming gangs – Halifax victim

The main victim of the Halifax grooming gang scandal has branded Labour MP Chi Onwurah “wilfully ignorant” for claiming the issue of grooming gangs isn’t related to race or religion. 991 more words

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MERCHANT, Piers 21-Sept-2009 - IN MEMORIAM




Piers Merchant

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Piers Rolf Garfield Merchant… 730 more words


THREE-PART EXCLUSIVE: Halifax grooming gang victim speaks out

The brave young woman at the centre of the Halifax grooming gang scandal has waived her right to lifelong anonymity to reveal for the first time the full scale of the nightmare she endured at the hands of her sick abusers. 1,146 more words


Latest OLAF fraud allegation email claims Farage also indicted in US

At the end of last year, the SKWAWKBOX revealed that UKIP MEPs were under investigation by the EU’s OLAF anti-fraud unit for allegedly fraudulent expense claims. 661 more words

What do they know of England, who only England know

I lived a year in London and even though i didn’t expect the British to be much different then the People in Germany, but soon I was surprised about the subtle differences that I learned to appreciate. 47 more words


Why Traditionalism and Libertarianism are not Incompatible (Godfrey Bloom)

Godfrey Bloom gives a great speech to the Traditional Britain Group (2014), regarding the natural congruence of libertarianism and traditionalism. Say what you will about the sporadic, less than savoury outbursts that he’s infamous for (and there is indeed plenty to say), his grasp of the English legal tradition, and how British liberty is inseparable from it, are fantastic. 28 more words