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Episode 97: The Great UK Election Debate

In honour of the upcoming election we’ve decided to air our thoughts on the grand old political parties of the UK, Brexit, weapons of mass destruction and much more. 36 more words


Angela Merkel Nails It

In a campaign speech in Bavaria, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, today declared bluntly that Europe can no longer rely on the United States as a core ally, now that Donald Trump is in charge — and that Theresa May’s Brexit strategy has put the United Kingdom beyond the pale, too. 347 more words

queen of cracks

Raise an eyebrow
Ask an obvious question
Lean in slightly and she folds
Susceptive of suggestion

May be told
When moths of right and left… 96 more words


Tories aim to woo UKIP voters - by abandoning policy #GE17

Tory newspaper The Telegraph made a remarkable admission yesterday. Well, several really.

The paper admitted that:

  • it had played into Labour’s hands by featuring Labour’s leaked manifesto…
  • 571 more words

Why does the far right get away with weaponising LGBTQ+ people?

UKIP’s election manifesto is the latest example of the far right using queer people to push its own agenda. Louise McCudden asks how they keep getting away with it. 979 more words

UKIP's three-pronged approach to education

Cllr Peter Philip Smith, UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford considers how the current education system is letting down too many pupils. And, what to do about it. 513 more words


Schrödinger's Immigrant

Currently the notion of Schrödinger’s immigrant is going around the internet (again). Referring to Schrödinger’s cat, a Schrödinger immigrant is one lazing around on (undeserved) social benefits, while simultaneously stealing your job. 167 more words

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