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420 Blessings 2018

This 420 I’ll be lighting up a large spliff and raising a toast to conscious cultural movements and art in all it’s forms, and to the diverse lineage of cannabis and hemp activism across planet world, united in the pursuit of peace, fun and social awareness. 241 more words

Lions led by pro Mini Golfers. The peculiar case of Lewisham's Mayoral candidate.

Troubling times at Otto Towers – the old certainties are gone and I am obliged to take a quick gander at the candidates in our up-coming Lewisham Mayoral election that I might exercise my democratic right. 706 more words


The ousting of Henry Bolton epitomised how the Alt-Right has stalled from building upon it’s success. Whilst Bolton’s reaction to the scandals that surrounded him were lame, the sheer hypocrisy of those trying to oust him was astounding. 3,965 more words

New Ukip leader already planning to quit after being elected when nobody else applied for the job

Ukip’s new leader announced he intends to resign in 12 months on the day he was given the job after nobody else applied for the role. 402 more words


Here we go again as McKenzie tries to make another comeback

ELECTION COUNTDOWN: Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, reports on the finalised candidates list for the Town Hall elections, which eventually got published by the council while the returning officer was on holiday… 944 more words

Croydon Council

UKIP now 'safe' from bankruptcy after raising £300,000

UKIP has avoided bankruptcy ‘and is safe now’ after raising more than £300,000, according to interim leader Gerard Batten.

The UKIP founder revealed on Twitter that ‘an incredibly generous response’ had secured the party almost £300,000 – while their £175,000 legal bill getting paid off ‘by other means.’ 350 more words


Freedom from Brussels!

Recently reading ‘Two Concepts of Liberty’ by Isaiah Berlin, I found myself repeatedly struck by how relevant his ideas are to the current situation facing liberal-minded Europeans. 662 more words