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And so begins an internal political Maidan? Maybe

Many times this blog has opined over the past year that the next “Maidan” would probably fall within and not without the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. 1,442 more words


Documentary: The atrocities in Odessa on May 2, 2014

A survivor of the Odessa Trade Union House fire is brought out of the building by firemen.

A film examining the arson attack on Odessa’s Trade Unions House at the start of the civil war in Ukraine and the role played by ultranationalism, the police and politics in post-Soviet space.

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Flattering to deceive? - Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

On 18th November, the EU issued its “Review of the European Neigbourhood Policy” which seemed to garner a rather gushing and flattering response from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. 568 more words


Believe it or not: The true story of the Crimea blackout

The Tatar Diogenes in the blown up power pole promises to sit to the death.

Sputnik Pogrom writes:

Yes, it’s still incredible. This can not happen, but here it is:

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Dignity and Freedom Day Ukraine

Two years ago today, as the first 20 – 30 somethings were gathering at Maidan in Kyiv to protest the failure of the then president to sign the Association Agreement and DCFTA with the EU, this blog wrote   459 more words


6 PR/Media advisors......and? Ukraine still failing the domestic communication challenge

Today your author met with Macon Phillips, Coordinator of the United States Department of State Bureau of International Information Programs, who reports to Rick Stengel, the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs – the topics of conversation were varied but inevitably turned to public relations, media, Kremlin active measures and how to mitigate their outcomes etc – as well as the dismal communication of both government and president with the Ukrainian constituency. 602 more words


Politico Reports Bush Knew 2001 Terror-Attack Was Imminent and Wanted It

by Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org

A stunning news-report at Politico on November 12th, titled “The Attacks Will Be Spectacular,” reveals that the then CIA Director George Tenet, and his anti-terror chief Cofer Black, say that they had told the White House this, but that the response coming back to them was “We’re not quite ready to consider this. 2,731 more words