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A "negotiable rule of law" - Odessa & Ukraine

It has for many years been said, here at this blog and across the entirety of right-thinking people, that the rule of law will be the only foundation from whence something approaching a functioning State will emerge as far as Ukraine is concerned. 1,336 more words


Odessa Court refuses to satisfy City Council regarding mass events

It is not often – or certainly not often enough – that the courts of Odessa fail to satisfy the requests/petitions of City Hall.

Indeed much of the local constituency would perceive the courts of Odessa as being in cahoots with, or at the very least tacitly approving (by way of inaction) many acts of City Hall that would appear to breach the of City Ordnance to which it is meant to comply. 993 more words


30 Years On

This week marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Three years ago we visited Chernobyl and that visit resulted in my second book, Visiting Chernobyl, A Considered Guide… 1,052 more words


Honorary (or not so honourable) diplomacy - Odessa

Odessa has approximately 30 consulates sprinkled around the city, with more nations deciding it is a city worthy of a presence.

By far the biggest (and rather splendid) consulate in Odessa is that of China, the most modern looking is that of Poland, the most imposing that of Russia (atop a hill overlooking Arcadia), with the majority situated in aesthetically pleasing Viennese styled buildings in and around the city centre. 703 more words


And now for Mayor Trukhanov? Protesters turn their gaze in Odessa

Following 17 days of 24/7 protests outside the Odessa Regional Prosecutor’s Office, eventually the Acting Prosecutor General dismissed Nikolai Stoyanov from the role of Odessa Regional Prosecutor to which he had illegally been appointed. 1,873 more words


A NOTE - Public broadcasting in Ukraine

The point of public broadcasting, and a national public broadcaster, is one of a public service – communicating with and engaging the citizen first and foremost. 596 more words


Obama and Destruction of the Secular Middle East - Analysis by Eric Zuesse

Introduction by Karl Pomeroy
Quemado Institute
April 16, 2016

Eric Zuesse has become one of the most prominent American political analysts who rightfully decry US interventionist policies abroad, in this case regarding Syria and the attempted… 1,944 more words

Western Intervention