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Time for the annual tax tinkering - Ukraine

Certain things are traditional in Ukraine when it comes to the New Year.  Among those perennials are changes to the tax system.  Indeed “с новым годом” could be a secret code for inevitable tax system tinkering. 823 more words


The CyberJunta hack - How will the populists respond?

CyberJunta, one of the Ukrainian hacking groups has apparently (and unsurprisingly) targeted Vladislav Surkov and an email address v14691@yandex.ru purported to be used by him under the pseudonym Nikolay Pavlov. 856 more words


Saakashvili's Khvylya Party begins to take shape?

On 18th July an entry appeared regarding the creation of the Khvylya (Wave) Party which had Odessa Governor Saakashvili’s finger prints all over it (even if he is not formally a member thereof). 350 more words


Old feuds - Odessa Airport

In 2011 when “The Family” Yanukovych was taking a tribute from anything and everything it didn’t actually steal, raid or otherwise take control of, Odessa Airport a hitherto publicly owned asset was “privatised”. 707 more words


Ukraine Maxicards from Viktoriya

Of course you may recognise the statue maxicard from two posts ago. Viktoriya had already sent it to me in another envelope :) But of course, that’s sometimes how it goes when you’re doing lots of trades the way we do LOL The other card is really quite stunning. Thanks Viktoriya!


An impressive fraud even by the standards of City Hall Odessa

Unusually before a reader sallies forth into this entry, your author would recommend reading yesterday’s entry which by pure coincidence is very relevant to this one. 816 more words


Ukraine Maxicards & Stamps from Viktoriya

Wow, wow, wow, wow…. the amazement in this envelope just went on and on :) I particularly adore the vegetable maxicards. I think this is (at least in part) my partner’s influence on me – he’s a botanist and really appreciates botanical art. 69 more words