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Reform responsibilities (Constitutionally speaking)

The Greek referendums is grabbing the headlines – and the issue is not one of austerity or money as many would claim, but an issue of a weak State refusing to reform. 761 more words


A recurring theme - Ukrainian civil service

Over the past few weeks, your author has been asked to speak to journalists, NGOs/civil society, and diplomats regarding issues in Odessa and more generally across Ukraine. 961 more words


In Kiev, "Right Sector" and "Aydar" require immediate offensive in the Donbass

Tyres were burned on Grushevskogo street in central Kiev today, to shouts of ‚ÄúRevolution”. (Photo: Natalia Starokoshko)

Antifashist reports:

In Kiev, at the ill-fated Independence Square, insurgents  carried out a march of ultranationalist battalions.

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"Faith Schools" for Ukraine

There are controversial issues that may surround “faith schools”, particularly those that are aggressively selective in their catchment. supported, funded and governed by parents that take being a zealot to the extreme, and thus provide a child with a home and school life that ill-prepares them to meet the society within which they live once a working life presents itself within a diverse and liberal workforce. 927 more words


Are we the fascists now?

by John Pilger

The recent 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz was a reminder of the great crime of fascism, whose Nazi iconography is embedded in our consciousness. 4,130 more words


CyberBerkut: Volunteer Battalions 'Out of Control' in Eastern Ukraine

Sputnik International reports:

On Tuesday, Ukrainian hacker collective CyberBerkut published excerpts from a report by Ukraine’s Southern Region Military Prosecutor Pavel Bogutsky, detailing the criminal activity of Kiev-allied volunteer battalions in eastern Ukraine, as well as that of units of the Armed Forces and the Security Service.

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A new "Thin Blue Line" - The new Ukrainian police

Yesterday saw the Rada pass a new “Police Law” which amongst other things granted a statutory right to exist for the new (metropolitan) “Police” that will now take to the streets of Kyiv after months of training. 990 more words