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From Nowhere to Nowhere: Ukraine Can’t Fight Three Economic Crises at Once

Ukraine is facing economic collapse, which the current Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is unable to stop. He must fight three crises at once, which have dramatic consequences for the country and cause frustration among its residents, Spiegel wrote. 247 more words


Vladimir Putin: Telephone Conversation With British Prime Minister David Cameron

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

By The Kremlin

Mr Putin once again congratulated Mr Cameron on his re-election as Prime Minister n the parliamentary election on May 7, 2015. 153 more words

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‘Right Sector’ [Pravy Sector] is the American Daesh-ISIS for Ukraine and Russian Front ~ (Video+Photos of Crimes: +18)


One of the fighters of the “Right Sector” did not hesitate to publish the pictures of a captured militiaman, who had his fingers cut off on both hands. 670 more words


Basurin sez Junta Terrorists Blew Up Locomotive in the LNR


Today, DNR Deputy Defence Minister E A Basurin stated, “On 25 May, enemy agents blew up a locomotive in the LNR on the Lutugino-Semeykin line. 58 more words


Separatists in Donbas have more tanks than Germany, France, and Czech Republic combined

If anyone doubts Russia is behind this, they are deliberately choosing to be ignorant.


 The armed forces of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics” (“LNR” and “DNR”) have accumulated significant reserves of heavy weapons. 454 more words


26 May 2015. Translated Russian Demot


This is the Russian view of how long the Ukraine could resist a real Russian invasion. Earth to stupid Anglo Americans:

There has been NO Russian invasion of the Ukraine in way, shape, or form.

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