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Conflict over the Ukrainian education law

As protests from the Hungarian government’s side are continuing, a confrontation with Kiev is developing. 241 more words

Free trade deal with Ukraine gets push in Alberta

A building contractor who’s been helping put up houses for nine years has a window on international trade that he sees as a boon to construction in Metro Edmonton. 420 more words


Szijjarto to Poroshenko: Forget the EU

Ukraine’s new rules restricting schooling in the mother tongue that the president has just signed into law deprives minorities of their rights and leads down a blind alley instead on the path to the European Union, the ministry of human resources said on Tuesday. 268 more words

"I prefer travelling to sleeping"

“I have been awake for more than 24 hours now”, one of our participants shared with us on our little evening walk through Berlin. Her sleepless time had nothing to do with partying but with her long travel from Southeast Ukraine to Germany. 296 more words


Russian Human Rights Abuses in Crimea

Russia has committed “multiple and grave” human rights abuses in Crimea . . . including arbitrary arrests, torture and the imposition of Russian citizenship on residents of the former Ukrainian region.

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“The frequency and severity of these human rights violations, together with the lack of accountability, has created an atmosphere of impunity which encourages the further perpetuation of such violations.” – Fiona Frazer… 23 more words