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Turning our backs on Ukraine

Over the past year, Ukraine has been falling out of the headlines. Since Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down in July 2014, stories from Ukraine have rarely punched above regional news. 76 more words


Two people were wounded following a shooting that occurred on May 23, in Ottawa, near the Embassy of Ukraine to Canada, Ukrinform reports. The Ottawa police were informed of the shooting by local residents. 28 more words


Kiev, Ukraine: over 5,000 nationalists hold anti-government protest

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May 20, the streets of Kiev trembled under the marching columns of the anti-government rally “Demands of the Nation – No to Capitulation,” announced by the AZOV movement just a week ago. 630 more words


Artsy Crafty Ukraine!

It is just twenty five years since Ukraine gained its independence and yet much has changed.  They are just beginning to get a sense of entrepreneurship which was discouraged under Soviet regime. 885 more words

Ukraine announces 1500HP version of 6TD engine

According to IHS Jane’s, the State Enterprise Malyshev Plant in Ukraine is marketing a 1500 HP version of the 6TD series of engines.  The 6TD is a liquid cooled, two-stroke multifuel engine with six cylinders and 12 pistons.   340 more words

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Down The Rabbit Hole

I recall the reports after the 2003 invasion and the occupation of Iraq that the US sent in palettes of cash to be used in the after war programs that the US was planning……and somewhere down the line palettes starting disappearing with millions of dollars and to this day few seem to know where this money went….probably into the bank accounts of the many private contractors that were crawling all over Iraq like maggots on a corpse….. 240 more words

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