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Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Will Remain a Threat for 3,000 Years

Matthew Schofield reports for McClachty:

Before the fire, the vomiting, the deaths and the vanishing home, it was the promise of bumper cars that captured the imagination of the boys. 191 more words


Love's by Dzhus : Conceptual Swimwear

A few days ago I was contacted by Ukrainian designer Daria Meged, the owner of the swimwear brand Love’s regarding her latest collection in collaboration with… 348 more words


Russian TV's coverage of Odessa clashes

By Stephen Ennis

Russian state TV’s coverage marking the anniversary of the deaths of 48 people in violent clashes in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa gave viewers the impression that pro-Moscow activists were victims of unprovoked violence by people it portrayed as bloodthirsty and pitiless “Nazis”. 1,041 more words


The Crimean Tatars 2 Years After Annexation

The fate of the residents of one occupied region of Ukraine—Crimea—remains largely obscure to outside observers. In the period since the Russian Federation annexed the region in late February 2014, the outside world has had little access to ordinary people there to see the extent and nature of the changes to their lives. 1,208 more words


US-Ukraine "partnership" threatens new Chernobyl-style disaster

The company Holtec mentioned here is the company making the San Onofre nuclear waste storage system that the California Coastal Commission approved in 2015 to be installed at the ocean adjacent to millions of people in Southern California. 909 more words

Evaluating Romania's Antonescu

From In Europe’s Shadow: Two Cold Wars and a Thirty-Year Journey Through Romania and Beyond, by Robert D. Kaplan (Random House, 2016), pp. 139-141: 906 more words