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Belarus March 2017 SITREP

March 26, 2017

I haven’t written much about Belarus, and many reliable analysts also have been careful not to say anything, because everyone understood that Belarus would be next to be hit by the… 3,866 more words


If you come to Odessa...

you will always find something to do. No matter what your lifestyle is, where you come from,  what your beliefs are and how much money you have. 850 more words

Ukrainian In Toronto

MILNEWS.ca #UKR + Eastern Europe Update as of 261955UTC March 2017

Cold War 2.0 


Complete Timeline Of A Fabricated Russian Disinformation

This story was published at 15:28 EST on 26 March 2017, all information is current as of this time and date.

Sputnik news took a legitimate story about increased sanctions against Iran and embellished the story to make it appear as if Russian sanctions were also increasing. 1,646 more words


Eurovision and politics: Harmony in discord?

According to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, “The performance and/or lyrics of a song “must not bring the Contest into disrepute”. No lyrics, speeches, gestures of a political or similar nature are permitted.” While this rule is meant to keep the world’s biggest musical event free of politics, the reality is that the two go hand in hand. 1,903 more words

REACTION: Russia banned from Eurovision 2017! What is going on?

Why does Ukraine ban Julia Samoilova of entering the country and competing in the Eurovision song festival 2017? what is going on? I tried to shed some light on this pathetic situation. What do you think?

Could the fire at the Europe’s largest munitions depot be Ben Hodges’s fault?

March 25, 2017

After hitting rock bottom will Ukraine begin to rise again? Hitting a rock bottom can be very educational, as I found out this week. 1,349 more words