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No Fighter Jet near MH17

Russian radar images show no fighter jet anywhere near the Malaysia airlines flight MH17. That is the conclusion of four experts who assessed the images. The Russians had been claiming that a Ukrainian Su-25 had shot the plane down. 203 more words


Three Prominent Poroshenko Critics Killed in Kiev in Three Days

Sputnik | 16 April 2015

As the political situation in Ukraine destabilizes, the suspicious killings of prominent opposition supporters continue to transpire.

A prominent Ukrainian journalist, known for his critical views of Poroshenko’s government was shot dead in Kiev on Thursday, in the latest series of suspicious deaths of opposition supporters. 558 more words


Congressman Discusses Russia's 'Weaponization of Information'

This is one of the more unintentionally humorous videos I’ve seen in a while. Congressman Ed Royce is a Republican from California who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee. 830 more words


New Adorable Header!

I actually had someone create a new header image for my blog! It is super cute cartoon style! I’M SO IN LOVE, please take a minute to check out the artwork, it is SO adorable! 363 more words

Kenney says Canadian troops won't be training Nazi sympathizers in Ukraine

The Canadian government is confident that troops from Petawawa won’t end up instructing Neo Nazis and far right extremists when they begin their training mission in Ukraine this summer, but a former diplomat is warning it will be difficult to weed out such extremists as their militia units are now being integrated into Ukraine’s regular forces. 606 more words


Anna’s Army

At 4 a.m., two Ford Transit vans barrel down an otherwise empty road on their way to a military camp at an undisclosed location in the Donbass region of Ukraine. 1,434 more words


Vitrenko Describes Physical Threats in Ukraine

The neo-Nazi, pro-war regime in Ukraine is also killing the real opposition.. They are systematically being gunned down one by one. We have the news on the threats to economist and politician, Ms. 77 more words