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Here are 10 critics of Vladimir Putin who died violently or in suspicious ways

MOSCOW — Not everyone who has a quarrel with Russian President Vladimir Putin dies in violent or suspicious circumstances – far from it. But enough loud critics of Putin’s policies have been murdered that Thursday’s daylight shooting of a Russian who sought asylum in Ukraine has led to speculation of Kremlin involvement. 1,140 more words


The Monday Eurovision Telegram with the latest headlines

  • Iveta Mukuchyan, the 2016 Eurovision entrant for Armenia published her video performance for Loveware which took place in Los Angeles’ Pan Armenian Entertainment Awards back in November.
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Ukrainian Party

05.02. (Sunday)
This was the first time for Ukraine to be a part of global program Ship for World Youth Leaders, so we didn’t have the right to fail – we had to arrange the best party ever! 260 more words

Na Mezhi - DakhaBrakha

Creating culture through music

Iryna Byelyayeva

‘To own up to “roots” is also to disown them.’

-Stan Smith (Poetry and Displacement)

It is no point of contention that Eastern Europe is not the epicentre of cool music. 857 more words

Belarus March 2017 SITREP

March 26, 2017

I haven’t written much about Belarus, and many reliable analysts also have been careful not to say anything, because everyone understood that Belarus would be next to be hit by the… 3,866 more words


If you come to Odessa...

you will always find something to do. No matter what your lifestyle is, where you come from,  what your beliefs are and how much money you have. 850 more words

Ukrainian In Toronto