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Flashback: Riffi 6/2012

In 2012 Riffi, Finland’s leading print-magazine for music professionals, published a comprehensive three pages long article about the Ukulele. Article was based on an interview done with… 21 more words


"The Ancestor" - Taichung, Taiwan

I have a special affinity for the band Darlingside, in addition to the fact that they make great music. They were originally based in the town in which I went to college, so I was lucky enough to see them perform numerous times. 123 more words

Cut and slice 'til that ish sounds nice

Here is the audio file I spliced together.

Both songs are written and performed by Julia Nunes, one of my favorite artists out there. You probably never heard of her because she puts up most of her content on Youtube. 193 more words


February - On Your Doorstep

Greetings from Singapore!

For the past two weeks I’ve been here, visiting my folks. It’s been a lot of fun (and I’ve eaten a lot of good food). 573 more words


Apollo's Ear

Rio By Night is my solo musical project. Apollo’s Ear is one of my favourite tunes from the inaugural self-titled EP, and seems to be a favourite among Rio fans as well. 505 more words