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My Soul's Romance::Original Song for the Ukulele

Five weeks and 3 days! What a wonderful ride full of bumps, bruises and mostly blessings! :) Here, I feature a brand new, original song on my upgraded acoustic-electric uke called, My Soul’s Romance. 122 more words

Original Music

Ukulele Physics

I was in class last week and there was a discussion about how excited a very experienced player was when he discovered a new chord.  Which got me wondering about some of the relationships between finger positions and the sounds you get.   434 more words


First Gig

My first gig was actually quite a while ago but I haven’t have a chance to write about it.  I was pretty nervous about the gig, I’ve never played in front of people before and I am just getting to learn about this instrument and music in general. 165 more words


Why I Decided to Teach Uke for Free

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional teacher.

If you call someone who borrowed an instrument and a chord chart when he was seven and started tinkering around the guitar and transferred his knowledge to uke in 2014, then you can call me a professional . 870 more words

Free Uke Lessons

gay hair, and gay feelings

lil gay happenings in my life;

okay so lemme give you a lil preface to this story before i get indepth. so theres this girl from journalism who i saw and i was super gay for her for a while. 298 more words

Ukulele Lady Animation

Found this beautiful student animation on Youtube.  It’s about an old Hawaiian souvenir and his ‘Ukulele Lady’.  Great use of the song.  There are some talented people out there


Bayside Ukes member.



…quoi, ukulele? le truc à la mode des gens qui veulent pas s’embêter à apprendre un vrai instrument? OUI!

What, that hip wee thing for lazy people who don’t want to learn how to play a real instrument? 2,153 more words