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Should you play Ukulele Left-Handed? Let me spell it out for you.

Technically, a lot of what I’m about to say below will apply to any stringed instrument, but, the misconceptions in the ukulele world are epic, and the hoops a lefty has to jump through to work around it definitely worthy of a little uke-specific discussion. 4,322 more words


It's a Banjo...No! It's a Ukulele...No! It's a...Banjolele?!?

I went to Guitar Center the other day to buy new strings for my ukulele.  Since it was a different Guitar Center location than the one where I previously bought my ukulele, I decided to see what ukuleles they had available.   266 more words


Things that should be obvious…

Sometimes, when you realize something in life, it’s obvious in retrospect, so much so that you don’t want to admit to it. You know I’m going to anyway; if I didn’t, I’d be defeating my own purpose in writing this blog. 1,491 more words


The Hot Club of Bohemia

I discovered the great jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli in the most roundabout way, through his collaboration with Paul Simon on Hobo’s Blues, which appeared on Paul’s first solo album. 39 more words

Christopher James

Yay For New Beginnings

I’ve tried to make a “real” blog before (“real” meaning not a blog on tumblr).  This is actually the same blog I originally made 2 years ago when my older brother–*ahem* I’m looking at you… 473 more words


Ukulele Strap Button Installation

I got a ukulele a few weeks back and have been learning to play.  One issue I have run into is with holding the instrument while playing.   257 more words


Two New Books, and a Snail Ukulele

I’m still posting vaguely related to the NJ Uke Fest. I thought I’d take a post to go over my purchases. I actually didn’t buy any CDs. 1,014 more words