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Day 100: Night

“Ulay, Oh” – How I Became The Bomb

Care to shed a few tears tonight? Check out the video/encounter that inspired this song.


An Art Project Where The Creator Turns Muse

It is pretty ironic to use words to describe a video which has none and yet manages to evoke the most powerful feelings the heart could experience. 132 more words


L'Art de l'Amour

Artists Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intensive love affair in the 1970s, performing out of a van they called home.

When they ended their relationship, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last embrace in the middle. 43 more words


i was ready to die

‘Working with the British public is particularly hard. They’re very sarcastic. They’re easily bored.’ Photograph: Mike McGregor Mike Mcgregor/PR

Marina Abramovic is a talented artist 🎨 whose work is raw and poignant. 463 more words


Viral Video: Long-Lost Former Lovers Meet For First Time In 25 Years

Every few months, a video captures the Internet’s attention and sends YouTube views skyrocketing to the tune of millions per day.

This month, a video of performance artist Marina Abramović and her former lover Frank Uwe Laysiepen (a.k.a. 167 more words


Two ex-lovers, both performance artists, “stood in silence as they met each other, for the first time, in thirty years.” Their break-up, too, was an act of art: they walked across the Great Wall of China from opposite sites, met in the middle, and parted ways. 267 more words