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Guns N' Roses: Sweet Child O' Mine a Rip-Off?

For nearly three decades, Sweet Child O’ Mine reigned the karaoke jams, the afternoon radio blues and even the battle of the bands. Now, its authenticity is being questioned after… 172 more words


Touched 2

Firstly, apologies for abandoning regular updates here. Its not easy to be a “full time” musician and cram all that that entails into the few hours I have left after doing the job that society and the government tells me I must do. 1,531 more words

Sunday Sounds: Jon Hopkins

Modern life is full of distractions, full of thousands of voices, cars, commercials, cat videos, comic book movie trailers, songs, all vying for your ever-weakening attention. 496 more words



The Yurikamome line is my favourite train line in Tokyo, connecting Shinbashi to Toyosu via the artificial island of Odaiba. When I woke up this morning the sun was shining and I had a sudden urge to ride the Yurikamome. 64 more words