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The ultimate diet- well it works for me! The HAND (Have a Nice Dinner) diet

If you have been following my new blog you might be thinking by now…OK, great, I can have a nice dinner…now hurry up and tell me how to do this diet! 761 more words


A breakfast frittata, and post-tongue debrief.

Afternoon health musketeers!

If you’re dropping by from Michelle or Melissa‘s blog, thanks for taking a peek at Head Plant Health. Marvellous to have you! 645 more words


7 diet myths and why they're bollocks.

 Seven. Always seven.

Seven steps to be thinner, and happier. Seven ways to stop caring about body image and embrace your curves. Seven reasons why you’ll never implement any of this advice. 1,572 more words


Slammin' oversimplification, Part Two; Raw food and enzymes.

A fellow nutritiono-curious classmate of mine today brought up the subject of raw foods. Specifically, enzymes. For, as raw-some, raw-dical, (raw-diculous?) raw foodies like to scream over the whirring of their juicers (you know, the kind that tickle the liquid out of the carrot after gaining it’s consent)… 1,951 more words

Challenging The Norm

Fitness Article : The Ultimate Diet (Happiness and Longevity) Part III

To explore the impact of diet on our lives. We would normally try to look at longevity and quality of life. One of the oldest and healthiest populations on earth are the Okinawans, who on average live up to 78-86 years of age.  867 more words

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Fitness Article : The Ultimate Diet (Psychology) Part II

The data isnt pretty wikipedia states that

“The U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 1994 indicated that 59% of American men and 49% of women had BMIs over 25. 1,200 more words

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Ketogenic (Low-Carb, No Carb) Dieting

Disclaimer: Much of what I know about this style of dieting comes from the guru Lyle McDonald.  He runs a blog at www.bodyrecomposition.com and has written several books, which I suggest you buy. 2,014 more words