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Soweto's Wonderful Experience

by Martin Mokhesi (Soweto Ultimate)

SOWETO ULTIMATE – Excited as we heard that we will be taking part in one of the biggest ultimate tournaments in South Africa: Rocktober. 247 more words


Rocktober 2016: Recap

Rocktober 2016 did not disappoint, and was once again the largest tournament in Gauteng and one of the most anticipated of the Ultimate calendar in South Africa ! 600 more words


A Teacher, a Disc, and Ultimate Frisbee (Part 2)

Sentinels train Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10 in the evening and as always, discipline is the first thing you have to have if you want to improve. 1,513 more words


Ultimate frisbee, Park game or serious sport?

Hi I’m Eric Danison, I hope you’re enjoying my posts so far!

Today’s post is all about ultimate Frisbee and whether or not it should be taken seriously. 202 more words


What Do You Do?

This is a question that’s understandably common when meeting new people. You want to know what this stranger does for a living, what they spend most of their day doing, how their energy is spent. 258 more words


Long Donkeys' Rocktober Rollercoaster

by Barry Strydom (Long Donkeys)

Rocktober 2016 can only be described as a roller coaster ride. First there was the anticipation and then the initial low when we heard the tournament was probably off followed by the high when we heard that the TOC had pulled a rabbit out of the hat and that Rocktober was happening after all. 633 more words


A Teacher, a Disc, and Ultimate Frisbee (Part 1)

Looking back, I find it funny how I came across this sport.

Valentine’s night, 2014. Seven months after a breakup, I decided I didn’t want to stay at home so  I dated myself. 677 more words