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Pogba the Philosopher

Cursed Anyway

When Argentina decided to cancel its friendly with Israel on the Saturday before the start of the tournament, most of the players sounded relieved.  454 more words


Never Bet the Ice

There’s a hoary old sports gambling adage to “never bet the ice,” an allusion to the vagaries of ice hockey and its unpredictable nature.

Now that the US is legitimizing sports gambling as a safe and fun alternative to hand gun ownership, soccer will be under the gambler’s (and regulator’s) lens.  334 more words


Is MM the new WM?

I loathe when soccer is explained with American football analogies.  But I just can’t help thinking about Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku in football gear.  He has the look, the bulk, and the freaky size and speed combination that suggests he would be a mid-level performer at the combines. 362 more words


Odell Beckham Jr. shows off ridiculous arm at football camp

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. hosted his youth football camp over the weekend, which featured a number of young boys with haircuts similar to his, as you can see in the photo below. 139 more words



In the 1920s, the English coach Herbert Chapman had a revelation: too much attacking football can be bad for a team.  By continuously possessing the ball, a team allows its opponent to keep its shape and seize opportunities on the counterattack. 413 more words


Sergio Would Go

Almost unbearable tension between billion dollar Spain and almost billion dollar Portugal.  If you watched the game and were bored, there is always the U.S. Open.  501 more words


Red Terror

Consider yourself spoiled by Russia’s 5/6th of a touchdown.  I won’t do the research but it’s more than likely a record for team goals in an opener.  425 more words