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Are you ready?

“Are you ready?” That is such a loaded question! Is anyone REALLY ready for anything??

I’ve lived for the past 4-5 years on this theory that if something scared you it was probably worth doing. 441 more words

Pull yourself together, woman!

Do you ever have those times in  your life when you know and fully acknowledge that you are in a downward spiral but still can’t pull yourself together?? 215 more words

Day 1- Ultimate Reset

I bet you didn’t see that coming!

What is the Ultimate Reset?

“You can not change the environment, but you can change yourself. With a little assistance, you can help your body do again what it once did naturally- receiving more of the things that are good for you and getting rid of the things that are bad. 560 more words

Clean Eating

Day 11 and On The Downward Slide!

Officially on the back half of the Ultimate Reset and I couldn’t be happier.  I miss meat.  I miss bread.  I miss pasta.  Granted I have lost some weight but I’m not seeing it yet.   407 more words

Clean Eating

Day 10 and Almost Half Done

In all honesty I thought I wouldn’t make it this far.  I’ve been going crazy while my fiance has been gone.  I’ve struggled through days of hunger.   351 more words

Clean Eating

Day 9...It Is Getting Easier

It’s getting a little easier each day.  I’m still not sure what to expect at the end of each day but it seems to be getting easier.   362 more words

Clean Eating

Day 8 Entering Phase 2

I made it through the first week!  YEAH!!!

It was rough but I did it.  This was a tough day though.  I started my summer quarter of culinary school and in my American Regional class we were making a Thanksgiving feast!   531 more words

Clean Eating