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Why I Chose to be a Beachbody Coach

Growing up, I was never the star athlete, but I was always fit and active. My mom couldn’t get me to sit still for a minute, and to this day I still have more energy than most of my friends. 959 more words


Ultimate Reset!

I’m a hardcore supporter of Beachbody, and I’ve spent the last two years enjoying the nutritious shakes and working my way through many of the workout programs with great success. 1,763 more words


UR - Day 2

I’m on the road for work, and I’m a little stressed about this whole reset-on-the-road thing.

Took a shake on the road for breakfast and packed my quinoa salad and sweet potato for lunch at the airport so I could stay on track. 101 more words


UR - Day 4

MMMM…. This sushi was the bomb!  (Note: I left out the tempeh.)

Day 4 and I am feeling MUCH more like myself.  Still a little tired, but I also got in REALLY late last night. 137 more words


UR - Day 3

I had to present all day today, and I felt like my brain wouldn’t work.   I started getting a mild headache and feeling lightheaded when I was training… and my vision even seemed off for about 30 minutes before I ate lunch.  84 more words


UR - Day 1

I don’t like red miso… or lentils…. but I’m glad I tried both. ;-) I tend to eat most anything, so I was surprised that I disliked my lunch today, but I am excited about my quinoa salad tomorrow! 206 more words


Intentional Living & The Ultimate Reset

Well, I have zero clue what I’m getting myself into with this whole UR thing, but I know that I have some kickass gals ( 172 more words