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Day 2 of the Ultimate Reset

Day 2. Ugh. I mean, YAY!

Okay, so I’m getting a little concerned because I’m already mentally exhausted from all of the meal prep that I’ve been doing.   707 more words


Did you know

Our body is constantly being exposed to toxins be it environmental, from medication, or even from some of the foods that we eat! It is necessary to cleanse and detox our bodies from time to time. 75 more words

Cleanse And Detox

Day 3

Today started off great, I woke up and cooked breakfast for my boyfriend and took my supplements. About an hour later I cooked myself some eggs and toast and packed it up because I had class. 334 more words

21 day Ultimate Reset

Hello and welcome to my personal experience of the the Beach Body 21 day Ultimate reset! This is my first blog so excuse any typos or a lack of witty literature. 313 more words

Step 1...

They say the journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step.  Well ladies and gentlemen of the internet; witness step 1.

Last week I made a decision.  790 more words

Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset: Week 2 Review

One week left! This is so exciting, I have always had difficulty sticking exactly to a schedule and meal plan without any leniency (I have snagged a few cashews here and there but it’s good fat and I’m human), but I have stuck to all of my meals, supplements, and water intake thus far and to say I am feeling fabulous is an understatement! 366 more words

Veggie Quinoa Stir Fry

So I made this recipe a little bit of my own during the reset to give myself the stir fry feel without altering any of the ingredients on the list for dinner that day! 211 more words