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I cashed out over 180,000 UR points

As you might know I think very highly of the Ultimate Rewards (UR) program. In fact I even call their collective UR earning cards to be the… 633 more words


Chase Sapphire Reserve Activation Checklist

Just a few short weeks ago Chase released one of the best all around travel rewards credit cards on the market; the Chase Sapphire Reserve… 797 more words

Miles & Points

The Ultimate Wombo Combo

If you are a fan of the Ultimate Rewards (UR) program then more than likely your ultimate (pun intended) goal is to end up with five variety of UR earning cards. 1,877 more words


Benefits of Opening A New Credit Card

Credit cards are usually synonymous with debt and other negative thoughts and feelings, but they shouldn’t. Yes, you spend money that isn’t directly yours when you use a credit card, but that’s just one… 545 more words

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Chase devalues point redemptions on Amazon.com

Some of you may know that you can use Chase Ultimate Rewards points to buy things on Amazon.com. It used to be that 100 points = $1.00 so you were using your points at $0.01/point. 76 more words


哩程新手必備第一卡~~ Chase Freedom!! 教你如何在Costco 賺10%等值回饋

你不能不知的 美國大通銀行 (Chase Bank) 三卡 = 哩程玩家三寶 >> Chase Freedom, Sapphire Preferred + Chase Ink Plus (限商業版)

之前小編有介紹過 Chase Ultimate Reward (UR) 點數的特色以及如何善用把點數價值極大化, 有需要得可以 60 more words

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Maximizing Points with the Chase Ink Plus Business Card

Written by Brian Callender

I’ve talked about before, the ways in which “travel hacking” has played in important role in helping us travel. 847 more words