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Earn up to 4x Chase Ultimate Rewards at Disney Theme Parks

Visiting a Disney theme park is expensive. There aren’t many discounts available so you want to try to maximize the amount of points you get back on the money you’re going to be spending anyway. 517 more words

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Southwest announces flights to Hawaii in 2018

Yes, you read that right.  After months of speculation, and some recent confusion here in Hawaii, tonight Southwest announced they would start selling tickets to Hawaii in 2018!  284 more words


Non-stop Chicago to Beijing for $489 RT

Round-trip from Chicago to Beijing for $489. Looks like this deal is available all the way through April and into May. If you do a quick Google Flight search, you’ll see the prices for departure and return in the calendar view.  102 more words


My new credit card strategy, and why I got INCREDIBLY lucky

I have alluded recently to my next move in the credit card game. Being the millennial that I am, I am never satisfied — I need to own every company I work for, and there is absolutely no way I am paying for any travel. 975 more words

"Decision pending" on my card application, what next?

I can’t say I’ve applied to very many cards in my day, but I can say how refreshing it was to get that automatic “Congratulations, you’ve been approved.” Unfortunately, for someone like me, with very little credit history, there always seems to be something that pushes my application to “Pending.” And as much as I sound perplexed as to why this is happening, I really know that it is not the most insane thing to happen–I am understandably way more of a risk than most. 645 more words

What if I can't cover the minimum spend for a sign-up bonus?

UPDATE: I sat down to write this post about two weeks ago, but never got around to posting it. One of the reasons was a week-long vacation that consumed a lot of my time (more to come on that), but I also needed a little more inspiration. 847 more words

Booking the Hyatt House Seattle, right across from the Space Needle -- my struggles

I have talked a little bit about the transfer partners with Chase Ultimate Rewards, but I have yet to put them in action. I talk so highly about the benefits, but haven’t actually used them yet. 754 more words