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Templars and the Eastern Nestorian Christian Connections

There are some including myself that believe the Templars through many of their alliances and intelligence networks they established in the Outremer made some very significant diplomatic ties to christian movements in the east, such as India, China, Tibet and Iran (Persia). 835 more words

Don Allen Holbrook

The Results are in... What the General Public Believes the Templars Discovered under Solomon's Temple

Well if you read my article last week you know we surveyed all of you to find out what you personally believe the Knights Templar might have found back in 1126 when they ceased excavations under Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and hurried back to Europe to announce their discovery and add great credibility to the new formed Knights Templar Order formed just 8 years earlier by Sir Hugh de Payens. 134 more words

Don Allen Holbrook

The Universal Questions of Humanity

Since the dawn of mankind we as creatures have wondered and pursued the quest for universal knowledge. It has driven us to our greatest innovations and achievements. 393 more words

Don Allen Holbrook