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Double standards are the military junta's only standards

In attacking UK Ambassador Mark Kent as “supporting law-breakers,” the military dictatorship is indicating its strict adherence to its standards, which are double standards.

As PPT briefly noted earlier… 462 more words

Migrant Chaos Grows in Hungary

Refugees and Migrants: Hundreds begin walking along highway heading for Austria as one person dies in standoff at suburban train station

Police attempt to stop migrants as they march along the highway near Budapest heading to the Austrian border on Friday. 948 more words

Worrying foreigners

As readers will know, the military dictatorship and its ultra-royalist and ultra-nationalist allies have been particularly agitated by the Americans. The military’s former chief funding agency seems to have caused uproar with its… 253 more words

Neo-nazis, white-supremacists, islamophobic groups active in Australia via the Internet.

Here is a list of active Australian groups that are typically behind racist and supremacist posts, especially anti-muslim, on Facebook and other forms of communication. I am indebted to the original work of the Antifascist ANTIFA Australia Blog. 435 more words

Anti-democrat calls for absolute fascism

It is clear how far Thailand has moved politically with the military coup and the establishment of a military dictatorship when the ultra-royalist, ultra-nationalist and ultra-anti-democrat Veera Somkwamkid is labeled an “anti-corruption activist” … 304 more words

Updated: Damned foreigners

Many readers will have seen the article by the influential former U.S. Congressman senator Barney Frank. His op-ed is: “It’s time to stand up to Thai regime.” It has a sub-heading: “We should impose the toughest nonmilitary sanctions.” That will get the ultra-royalist loonies who populate social media agitated, but maybe they should read the article and not the headlines: 1,057 more words

Abhisit and elections

Since Abhisit Vejjajiva became leader of the Democrat Party, the party has boycotted two elections, lost all the others, supported a coup and military junta, supported a gaggle of anti-democrat/anti-election groups, been hoisted into power by the military and other powerful forces, and twice shot down protesters. 523 more words