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Lightsaber Crutches: Star Wars Fan Peregrine Oxton Constructs Attention-Grabbing Mobility Aid

Star Wars fan and lightsaber enthusiast Peregrine Oxton has constructed a pair of functional, attention-grabbing lightsaber crutches out of Ultrasabers Brood Guard LE lightsabers. SaberSourcing interviewed her about the project. 716 more words


August 2018 Lightsaber Sales and Discounts

Here are August 2018 lightsaber sales and discounts from various lightsaber companies. Please contact me with additions or corrections.

This list contains some affiliate links, meaning I may receive some money if you click through and purchase an item. 255 more words


Ultrasabers Unboxing and Review

Hey my pals and gals,

So I have for you guys another review video and post however this time I will be segueing into something a little different. 121 more words

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Are Ultrasabers and Saberforge Lightsabers Compatible?: What You Should Know

Are Ultrasabers lightsabers compatible with Saberforge lightsabers? In other words, can I take some of my hilt components from Ultrasabers lightsabers and use them with my Saberforge lightsabers? 293 more words

Lightsaber 101: Basics

What's the average size of a lightsaber hilt? (i.e. length and diameter)

Lightsaber hilts come in a range of shapes and sizes. The smallest diameter lightsaber hilt is typically around 1.25 inches in diameter–some Vader’s Vault lightsabers are that size. 274 more words

Lightsaber 101: Basics

Shades of Gold: Ultrasabers Gold Color Variations with LE and Premium Lightsaber Hilts

Ultrasabers lightsabers exhibit some color variation among anodized gold bands and other elements. Here are three Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts and they’re all LE versions with added anodized gold colored bands. 262 more words

Lightsaber 101: Basics

What's the CHEAPEST lightsaber you should buy?

If you’re on a tight budget, what’s the cheapest lightsaber you should buy? The answer depends on several different factors.

Watch What’s the CHEAPEST lightsaber you should buy? 408 more words

Lightsaber 101: Basics