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The Beginning

When you think of getting pregnant, most will say they just want an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. From that first time you see those two lines,, to the first doctors appointment where you officially hear the words come out of the doctors mouth, I think every woman deep down is nervous; nervous that everything will be all right.   249 more words

Boy Mama

When Hybrid Seems Better: Carotid Trauma As a Model For All Trauma


The patient is an 80 year old woman with lung cancer who was getting a port placed at her home institution. It was to be a left subclavian venous port, but when access was not gained, a left internal jugular venous port was attempted, but after the intitial stick and sheath placement, pulsatile bleeding was recognized and the sheath removed. 867 more words


Old Wives Tales: It's a...

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Being pregnant, moving and working full time leaves me with little energy lately! I wanted to write a new blog post since I haven’t mentioned anything about the pregnancy on my just blog yet. 649 more words

My Amendment to H.R. 1628

Thanks to the behind-closed-doors method the Senate is using to try to pass TrumpCare, you now have the opportunity to request that your personal health care premiums not increase by any passing of the bill.  678 more words


Basic-targeted echocardiography for neonatologists: a trainee’s perspective

Targeted echocardiography has been promoted by neonatologists in recent years but some aspects of its efficacy remain unexplored. We carried out a survey among trainees of targeted echocardiography courses in order to describe their professional characteristics and abilities. 105 more words

6/20/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I commuted to Socorro to catch up on a few things around the lab.  Most importantly, I left a flash drive with some important information on it, so I was able to retrieve that.   84 more words


Falling behind again..

I’m so sick of having bad appointments.

Yesterday we had an ultrasound with our high risk doctor. Our little girl is falling behind again they have her in the 30th percentile again. 425 more words