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2 more days until ultrasound!

I’m assuming if I’m still feeling all these pregnancy symptoms I must be still pregnant and Baby C must still be the one sucking all of my energy. 59 more words


Credentialing, Licensure, Certification, Accreditation: What's the Difference?

Within the medical arena it seems like the terms credential, license, certification, and accreditation are used frequently and interchangeably. As an accrediting body, the AIUM wanted some help in showing and explaining how these terms differ. 385 more words


Measuring the baby's ears

By Amy Silverman

On a cool winter day in 2003, I parked my little silver VW station wagon at a rambling medical complex in downtown Phoenix and found my way through a maze of offices to my appointment for an ultrasound, the nonroutine kind. 1,247 more words


Rise in Zika cases: Questions about Zika

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Q If I am pregnant, does that put me at higher risk of getting infected by Zika?

A There is currently no evidence that this is so, says the Ministry of Health (MOH). 441 more words

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#POCUS Troubleshoot - LUQ view in FAST. #ultrasound #trauma #meded #foamus #foamed

The LUQ view can be the most challenging in the FAST exam.  Lets fix that.


In Utero 3D lets you touch your baby before its born @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

A Polish company, In Utero 3D, is doing something really sweet. They’re printing 3D models of babies in the womb so blind mothers can feel their children before they’re born and experience the same joy sighted mothers have when viewing ultrasounds.

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