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Breezing in and out.

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve had 3 ultrasounds. Just as a precaution, but as my doctor said “Better safe than sorry”. They were for kidneys & other areas of my body that I actually don’t remember…gall bladder maybe(?), but it’s just a case of going back to the doctor to check out the results (fingers crossed that it it was anything dire he would have rung me immediately). 203 more words


The Breast Biopsy

*The Breast Biopsy*

I was back at my favorite place – the place I was diagnosed with breast cancer – the place where they say they don’t even diagnose breast cancer without a biopsy, but in my case it was so advanced they were able to tell me the same day. 1,338 more words

Breast Cancer

Makin' eggs...

Yesterday, July 22, I started estrogen. If you recall, I put a small patch on my abdomen and orally take a pill. Estrogen is easy to administer. 653 more words


All the Shots

My last post was “All the Doctor’s Appointments” because at the time we had an appointment every day. Now I’m taking a lot of shots and a lot of different kinds of shots. 581 more words