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Faith, Hope and Love

And the countdown begins…this time in less than 24 hours we will know the next steps of our journey. Whatever those may be. With a lot of faith, a dash of hope and surrounded with love, we will start our journey :) 679 more words


Thank You To Our Supporters

Here we will list our amazing donors. We will also be sending our major supporters postcards and email updates from Panama!


How soon can you know if your dog is pregnant?

We were looking all over for information about this. I’m surprised at how hard it is to find information about breeding dogs. There are sure a LOT of haters out there! 617 more words

Baby Claps Hands In Ultrasound! (VIDEO)

How crazy is this! I have seen plenty of these ultrasound pictures– ones where babies are giving a thumbs up, maybe flipping the bird…but NEVER a clapping baby in womb. 110 more words


Wish you all the best in heaven, our little baby.

“Wish you all the best in heaven, our little baby.” I did not imagine these words will ever come out of my mind and my mouth. 832 more words

VIDEO: This Baby Is Clapping In This Ultrasound Video!

“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…”

This video of a couple’s ultrasound is amazing.

The baby, in the womb, appears to be clapping it hands in this ultrasound video! 22 more words