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Prognosis: Then vs. Now


On Wednesday our vet came and diagnosed Libby’s suspensory branch strain with a clinical examination and using ultrasound. Through the ultrasound she could compare her inside and outside branches and confirmed that the inside branch was enlarged. 861 more words

Soft Tissue Injury

The day the Earth stood still, Part II

We arrived at the hospital around 1:30 pm. Dr L.’s assistant had already called in, so we headed right for the registration desk. I handed the lady the envelope with my referral and was taken aback for half a second when she asked me whether I had an appointment. 868 more words


The day the Earth stood still, Part I

Five days ago, on September 18, 2017, we wanted to give ourselves a special wedding anniversary gift. My gynecologist, Dr L., offers to combine the… 760 more words


Breast Cancer Journey

Well now. It just occurred to me that the featured image I chose for this article is a quote from someone who died of breast cancer. 2,816 more words

Advanced Breast Cancer

Rainbow Baby Mission Launched 🚀🌈👶🏽

Hello. This is my first blog post… ever! I will be blogging about my experiences and journey to a rainbow baby!!!

Please feel free to leave comments and tips! 1,207 more words


Thoughts & Happenings | Twenty Weeks and Fear

I reached twenty weeks on Wednesday. :) Normally, this is the halfway point but it’s actually a bit further for me as I will be delivering her no later than thirty-nine weeks. 577 more words


Don't get a big head

Seeing your little guy or gal during an ultrasound is one of the many highlights of pregnancy. I know you probably thought it was the inability to control your bladder or turning into the size of a Macy’s Day balloon, but those are just the perks! 689 more words