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Whaddaya Mean You Can't Learn POCUS?

After taking a few one day ultrasound courses, a common theme amongst classmates is something to the effect of, “well, I get it now, but what about next week when the instructor isn’t there to guide me?” 363 more words


My Days & Pregnancy Swag

I made an appointment to see my OBGYN after I got the double line on the pee stick. I’ve read that some doctors won’t see you until you’re ten weeks or some crazy shit like that. 303 more words

Ectopic Pregnancy

I got a letter today from the hospital. I need to go in for an ultrasound of my abdomen in a couple of week. this is going to make my ptsd flare up! 178 more words


Shots, shots, shots. 

Not exactly the type of shots I was thinking of, but how the times have changed. Above is the listing of what I’ve been doing since 10/13. 560 more words

Fertility Treatments

Research in Ultrasound: Why We Do It

“Medicine, the only profession that labors incessantly to destroy the reason for its existence.” –James Bryce

We all know the important medical discoveries clinical research has given us over time. 610 more words


Baby Hillin #2 | Ultrasounds

We had a second ultrasound a little over a week ago to see the newest babe and everything seems to be growing just as it should! 84 more words