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Nonlinear elasticity imaging with dual frequency ultrasound

In an proceeding by Johannes Kvam et al. submitted to The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 141, 3719 (2017), the following abstract was produced: 192 more words

Smart women know about Being Dense - Do You ?

  • Have you got Dense Breasts?
  • Has your GP told you about Breast Density?
  • Do you know how Breast Density impacts your Mammogram?
  • Do you know Dense Breast tissue can mask a tumour on your Mammogram?
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The struggle is real

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote anything. A lot has happened since then. The only thing that hasn’t changed is N’s situation at school. 1,299 more words



Day 62…STIM day 1….

Last weeks suppression check appointment was very routine. Another ultrasound performed, blood work taken, payments made and final questions answered. (Side note and good news…the spot on my right ovary they thought may have been a small cyst is actually gone. 398 more words


Doctors Appointment: Take 3

Can I just say that I’m sick of going to the OB/GYN? I don’t love having inanimate objects shoved inside me and swished around by a stranger. 384 more words

Ducks in a row

It’s a good thing that gestational carrier and I are the type of people that have our shit together, because if we weren’t there would have been near disaster scenarios happening. 197 more words


Turning up the volume on ultrasound

Recently, I attended a lecture about human anatomy run by the medical school at my university. It was fascinating! During the lecture we saw volunteers undergo several ultrasound scans, to show real-time digestion, blood pumping through the heart, and the intricate tendons and veins that are tightly packed into the wrist. 1,166 more words