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My Response to a Pro-choice Blogger

I want to share with you a short exchange of comments between myself and a pro-choice blogger. The blogger’s comments are highlighted.

“Nowhere does Scripture state that a woman must bear the child resulting from a rape. 85 more words

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Getting Pregnant

To me, its important to start from the begining. I hold our fertility journey very close to my heart. I believe that I am a better mother because of it. 558 more words

Top News: #Pregnancy

Here are the top read news for #Pregnancy:

Let’s Take A Look At That Autism-Ultrasound Link:

Ultrasounds have not been shown to cause autism. First, this is a mathematical link. 367 more words


This is what happens when you don't believe science

Yep, that’s it: you start believing in weird shit uttered by cranky old televangelists.   And the Stupid of the Day award goes to…Pat Robertson

Caffeinated Squirrels


Over the course of my surgeries and disability issues I have been for so many tests. US’s, CT Scans, Barium Swallows (I’ve had 5).

I went for ultrasounds yesterday. 628 more words

Dear Diary

High Court in Ireland Rules an Unborn Baby Has a Right to Life

“A High Court judge has ruled that the word ‘unborn’ in the Irish Constitution means an “unborn child” with rights beyond the right to life which “must be taken seriously” by the State. 46 more words

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Imaging Technology - Ultrasounds

At Rose Radiology Centers, Inc., Florida patients can access key imaging solutions, including ultrasounds and CT scans. Rose Radiology is accredited through the American College of Radiology. 145 more words

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