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The First Trimester - Overview


This post is, as titled, about the first trimester of my pregnancy. There are pictures and lots of details. If you’re struggling with IF and not in a good place – please do yourself a favor and skip this post! 1,931 more words


Pregnant with PCOS - Complications

From day one with this pregnancy it’s been one thing after the next.  When I has my son in September 2007, I did not have PCOS (not a single symptom), nor was there ever a single concern with my pregnancy until the end when I couldn’t deliver and needed an emergency c-section. 1,302 more words



I’m 9 weeks today. Well, measuring 8 weeks and 6 days, but who’s counting? (Um, very much me …)

Yet again, I was a nervous wreck for the second ultrasound, but it turned out awesome to the extreme. 157 more words


fat 'n' happy

FEELING: peaceful

there’s an old(ish) saying in my family that goes, “i got my man; let’s eat!” and never has that been more present in my life than RIGHT MEOW. 342 more words

Pregnancy Talk

Ultrasound Experience

I’m at 7 weeks today. (Although, since I had two IUIs and no monitoring, it could be more or less.)

More critically, we went to the fertility center for our first OB ultrasound yesterday. 229 more words


Genetic Testing

Wow, so I have at least ten draft topics for ALL OF THE WRITING I wanted to do here, and, well, I guess things just got a little away from me! 2,266 more words

Genetic Testing

Overdue – 40 Weeks, 3 Days

Keegan is late… he must already be on Hedlund time! To say I’m anxious is a major understatement. Everything is painful at this point… rolling from side to side in bed, trying to get out of bed, and especially those first few steps walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 639 more words

Doctor Appointments