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Can 3D 4D Ultrasounds Get Any Better?

For new mom’s to be the exciting answer is YES. My Angel Vision ultrasounds are now better than 3D or 4D as we have completed the process of upgrading to HD LIVE in Springfield, IL. 164 more words

The first week - finding out!

I am a young mum with an 11 week old baby girl. My life has changed so much since I found out I was a pregnant. 974 more words


Reasons Why Having Kids is Like Being in a Horror Movie

Kids are great in so many fantastic ways. They’re also the worst in a whole host of others. The other day I thought I had crept upstairs to use the bathroom in a rare moment of privacy when I heard the thundering of elephants coming down the hall. 1,240 more words

Another Appointment

Today, since I completely slacked on it yesterday, I had to call my doctors office to schedule an ultrasound. Last month, or cycle, around the time my Ovia App said that I was in my “fertile window” and would most likely ovulate, I had severe pain on my right side. 313 more words


Bats and Echolocation

Bats are known for their ability to hunt and navigate using echolocation. It occurs when these animals successively emit ultrasounds and receive them after they have ricocheted on different surfaces. 856 more words

Non Classé

Pieces…Bits and Pieces or WHEN

How quickly the quality of life changes from normal to abnormal


You shaved under your arms with a dull razor two days ago and now two days later your pits are burning… 281 more words


Undercover Video Exposes Deep Contradiction At The Heart Of Planned Parenthood

Just hours after Hollywood filmmaker Joss Whedon launched a foul piece of propaganda celebrating Planned Parenthood, an undercover video surfaced that reveals a much darker reality about the nation’s leading abortion business. 30 more words