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Bats and Echolocation

Bats are known for their ability to hunt and navigate using echolocation. It occurs when these animals successively emit ultrasounds and receive them after they have ricocheted on different surfaces. 836 more words

Non Classé

Pieces…Bits and Pieces or WHEN

How quickly the quality of life changes from normal to abnormal


You shaved under your arms with a dull razor two days ago and now two days later your pits are burning… 281 more words


Undercover Video Exposes Deep Contradiction At The Heart Of Planned Parenthood

Just hours after Hollywood filmmaker Joss Whedon launched a foul piece of propaganda celebrating Planned Parenthood, an undercover video surfaced that reveals a much darker reality about the nation’s leading abortion business. 30 more words

Fall In Love With Your Prenatal Child

Visit notbornyet to learn how to fall in love….

Notbornyet is a space to explore the life issue in a relaxed, reasoned and respectful environment. 92 more words


Things I Wish Would've Been Emphasized

These are just some things I wish people would’ve emphasized about having a baby.

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    • Let me just start off by saying I had some misconceptions about babies.
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What's Wrong With This Picture?

The ultrasound on the left is from Planned Parenthood while the ultrasound on the right is from a Pregnancy Resource Center. Notice how Planned Parenthood is trying to hide the humanity of the child they want to kill? 35 more words



Last month I started taking Tamoxifen, an estrogen blocker often prescribed to women with breast cancers that are estrogen receptors, like mine. This medication helps block the hormone from feeding cancer cells, and works to reduce recurrence. 487 more words