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Acceptance: The Speech

Oh, what a day it was standing before the masses, giving thanks for making my book an Amazon best-seller last weekend. Let’s do it again with… 15 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Whatever Happened to Orion Williamson?

For starters, no one is even sure there actually WAS an “Orion Williamson.” In the bygone days of the mid-1800’s, newspaper “stringers” often made up outlandish tales as hoaxes to bump up the circulation of their papers. 641 more words


Immersed In Study 2013-14

I have been engaged in a LOT of reading and studying this past year or so. In no particular order, the following is a list of the books I’ve been immersed in since early 2013; most I’ve read or am still reading for the first time this past year, a few I haven’t even gotten totally into yet and others I’ve been re-reading/re-examining with a new perspective as a result of having read some of the newer books. 455 more words


A Demon that Lived in the Air

While we’re on the subject of mysterious sights in the sky, it might do us well to visit the Crawfordsville Monster.

Two men were hitching a wagon one morning out in front of one of their houses, while the wife and kids were out sitting on the porch. 733 more words