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HVAC Coils — Keeping Them Clean

Keeping condensing and cooling coils clean increases their efficiency by 15%-30% depending on what research paper you read. The problem with most of these coils is they are difficult to get at or inside the AHU and require shutting the system down — which may not be a viable option. 745 more words

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Heliogravure III - Ultraviolet Light with Digital Screen

Updated 26/01/2016

Hardening the gelatin. In heliogravure, it is necessary an illumination source rich in ultraviolet (UV) light. This UV light must provoke the cross link reaction into the gelatin previously sensitized with potassium bichromate (K2Cr2O7). 1,467 more words

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How Far is the Other Side?

There is far too much evidence to deny the existence of some sort of continuance of life beyond what we call death. Just what that existence consists of is conjecture; but the energy that we are made up of just doesn’t disappear when we leave our bodies. 305 more words

Study shows UV light-emitting robot reduces hospital-associated infections by 30%

Memphis, TN’s Tru-D SmartUVC touted the results of a study funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found that its ultraviolet light-emitting robot reduced the risk of acquiring hospital-associated infections by more than 30%. 56 more words

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Hummingbird Fun Fact!

Did you know…

Hummingbirds have ears! Hummingbirds can actually hear better than humans! Not only that, they also have eyes with binocular vision. Hummingbird eyes have more rods and cones than do human eyes, allowing them to see colors and ultraviolet light better than humans do!

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