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Jazz on Wednesday!!!

No, of course not. No jazz here. And that’s not a euphemism, by the way. But I do bring you The Jazz Butcher. Scott at  141 more words


Themes for Great Cities - Vienna

in these solitary moments, deep inside the corporal stillness of the midnight hour, listening to a song from decades past that still affects my body and soul with its opulent melancholy, a graceful collision of classical and –  circa 1981 – modern electronic sound. 298 more words


Cocaine Brain Speed Cocktail ZOOOOOOOM!

Ultravox!: Young Savage (Island).

Set in the era of wedge cuts, Lois jeans and Adidas Forest Hills trainers, Awaydays is one of the better British football hooligan films made so far, which to be fair could be seen as damning the film with faint praise. 938 more words


The Collection - Ultravox [#288]

Midge Ure et al, dance with tears in their eyes to all their greatest hits and there are quite a few. This “Best of” compilation is in my top ten of “Favourite best of compilations” especially as it has lots of songs I’m familiar with as well as a few that, until I heard it, were unfamiliar with. 80 more words


Sunday Suggestion - John Foxx - Underpass

John Foxx was one of the pioneers and forerunners of electronic music. A true innovator who very much carried on some of the more psychedelic-tinged dance music of Silver Apples in the late 60’s.  159 more words


Club for Heroes - Various Artists [#283]

Club for Heroes – Various Artists

Back in the early nineties, CD’s started to rise to prominence and with them came an increase in compilations. This is possibly the first compilation I bought rather than made myself using recordings from vinyl or cassette. 285 more words

Various Artists

With thanks to Ultravox

They inspired the original title for my recent story for Corporate Traveller magazine about a city break in Vienna, which was simply “Ah, Vienna”… Anyway that sums up the spirit of this shamelessly indulgent piece on the Austrian capital.

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