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Arhiva [I believe]

Just for a moment

Listening to the music the machines make,
I let my heart break just for a moment.


Album Chart of 1977


More feared than Russian Communism”, Britain’s Punk Rock movement – which essentially consisted of energetic adolescents with spiky hair and ripped jeans who were out for a laugh – were public enemy #1 in Britain ‘77. 568 more words

TJR News

Don't Miss: Midge Ure @ Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club, 10/4/16

Midge Ure (Photo courtesy Erika Tooker)

In September, Midge Ure returns to the United States after about a year and a half away. The last time this great Scot toured our country, he did so completely solo, equipped with only an acoustic guitar. 297 more words

Music Park

Song of the Day

For the last song this week, I dug again into the 80’s treasure box. Here is a song from 1982. As I experience it with so many songs, it is the first time I listened to the lyrics. 325 more words

Song Of The Day

One day, to live a life the way it's meant to be

Here in the UK, this seems to be Pride weekend, certainly is in Leeds, and from what I’ve seen advertised, it is in a few other cities too. 499 more words

80's Pop

It means nothing to me

Sometimes, when you’ve been rejected by people whose approval you crave, it’s important to find parallels in the world. If I was a motivational speaker, and to all intents and purposes I am, then this is the story I would tell. 116 more words

Ultravox - Vienna (Reissue CD2)

01 – Vienna
02 – Call Of The Wild
03 – One Small Day
04 – Hymn