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My Top 10 Last.FM Artists - 011017

  1. (-) – Cousin Silas
  2. (-) – Tom Robinson Band
  3. (-) – Wire
  4. (-) – The Adverts
  5. (-) – Pink Floyd
  6. (-) – U2
  7. (-) – The Velvet Underground…
  8. 15 more words

The Music of my Life 1980-1984

The eighties was a decade defined by contradictions. The neon dawn of a beckoning consumer age shone brightly against a dusty background of industrial decay. Newfound freedoms and lifestyles rubbed shoulders awkwardly with centuries-old social norms, often chafing against them. 1,019 more words


The Music of my Life 1975-1979

If the seventies are anything to go by, then the old adage of tough times producing great art certainly holds true. Like the social and political realm around it, the music world was in a state of decay and rebirth all at the same time during this period. 948 more words


Shining, Seep Away, Shrieking Violet - Fibbers, York - Thursday 7th September 2017

I had teased my colleagues and friends that I was going to see some Scandinavian death metal, but clearly that wasn’t quite the case, although Shining are a spectacularly good band. 454 more words


John Foxx. Underpass.

God this was a classic.  John Foxx, of Ultravox, with his first single from the superb Metamatic album.

(I think we used to mock it by shrieking ‘Underpants’ at the hookline.  But we still loved it.)


Brian Eno

Brian Eno – Another Green World

Recently Vinyl Factory published a list where 15 artists picked their favorite Brian Eno record. I assumed it would be, as my friend Patrick V. 417 more words