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460. the wild the beautiful + the damned

This was smart, prophetic stuff for 1977, but I was looking the other way. Too busy living its truth, I guess, being wild, beautiful, damned … when I wasn’t getting sucked the other way, being tame, ugly, saved. 33 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Produced by Eno

Producers can be extremely important in challenging and assisting artists in finding new sounds, opening up new dimensions in their work. They can influence albums by adding their unique perspective, and most great producers achieve this through having their own familiar sound and approach. 33 more words

John Foxx - Metamatic (Deluxe Edition)

John Foxx releases a 3 CD deluxe edition of his Metamatic album on 25 May 2018. The original 10-track album, recorded in 1979 and originally released in 1980 was remastered from analogue tapes back in 2014, along with various B-sides. 820 more words

Music Review

My Top 10 Live Bands - 4


If there’s a single band that encapsulates all that’s best about the music of the late 70s and early 80s, then that band must surely be… 578 more words


Ultravox UK Tours 1977 Part II

Ultravox second UK Tour
16 June -14 July 1977

On 18 June 1977, an article in Sounds announced a series of ‘club’ dates as follows, as a prelude to a full British tour in the autumn: 536 more words

Ultravox UK Tours 1977 Part 1

Ultravox first UK Tour
22 March -19 April 1977

Revisiting these dates again now with all that I have learned of Ultravox movements suggests that the itinerary as we know it is incomplete. 1,033 more words

Give us this (many) days?

As that date gets nearer, its hard to believe that just 25 years ago, or so, I’d have 22 days to go until retirement. For reasons relating to life expectancy, and other related stuff, its now going to be 6 years and 22 days! 409 more words