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that exploded volcano

–Hairy Iopas, says the citizen, that exploded volcano, the darling of all countries and the idol of his own.

James Joyce, Ulysses


my boldness

–Let me, said he, so far presume upon our acquaintance which, however slight it may appear if judged by the standard of mere time, is founded, as I hope and believe, on a sentiment of mutual esteem as to request of you this favour. 24 more words


Could a swim duck

Gob, he’s not as green as he’s cabbagelooking. Arsing around from one pub to another, leaving it to your own honour, with old Giltrap’s dog and getting fed up by the ratepayers and corporators. 25 more words


Growling and grousing

Then he starts hauling and mauling and talking to him in Irish and the old towser growling, letting on to answer, like a duet in the opera. 65 more words


Buck Mulligans: Ulysses and an Ironically Fine Burger

Call it a little Irish irony that the latest visit for the beautimousburger blog was to an Irish pub — typically places of simple pleasures and pursuits — named after a character in an almost unreadbable, unapproachable novel. 853 more words

Irish Ferry Ulysses

We are on – it’s huge let’s hope those clouds don’t mean it will be too rough.

  This is driving on – She doesn’t look too big… 68 more words


The Poisons Collection: Beware of the Honey!

Today we’re putting not just one plant in the poisons collection but a genus! This genus being rhododendron. Not all but many of the species in this genus are poisonous (Robertson, 2014). 322 more words

The Poisons Collection