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Top 5ive Weird Books: Jeremy

5. As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner. Any one that has tried to read The Sound and the Fury knows that Faulkner is a rather eccentric writer. 764 more words

The Lists

Pyrrha's Original

As promised, now that I’ve posted my version, I’m going to talk about the 18th century original play.  I’ve mentioned it before, a bit, but I’m going to go into more detail now.   3,154 more words

Greek Mythology


Ich habe ein paar Tage Familie besuchen, mich erneut an James Joyce’ “Ulysses” wagen und Kamerakapazitäten testen hinter mir. Die hübschen Gartenimpressionen, die bei letzterem herausgekommen sind, sind hauptsächlich der offenen Blende meines (relativ) neuen Objektivs (Sigma 30mm f1,4) und der geringen Tiefenschärfe zu verdanken – es erfordert allerdings noch etwas Übung und Exaktheit meinerseits, damit richtig umzugehen. 115 more words


Stephen Fry on Ulysses - study his favourite book with us

On Friday mornings from October,   popular tutor Mike Wilson will be offering his course James Joyce: Ulysses – a beginners guide at the Nottingham Mechanics. 94 more words

Adult Education

Zeno's Conscience & The Vindication of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing, although increasingly easy to do with the conveniences furnished by the twenty-first century, still remains, by and large, looked down upon by the literary powers that be. 493 more words

The Opiate

Longest way round is the shortest way home

Been reading the essays in that Nuala O’Faolain book and saw that one of them is about Bloomsday, which I meant to tell you about earlier this summer and haven’t yet. 836 more words

Getting Ready: Ulysses first Kite lesson

Ulysses very first Kite lesson in Marseille south of France before leaving for the big tour.

La toute première leçon de Kite d’Ulysse à Marseille avant de partir pour le grand voyage.