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Material 2

Today, Ryan and Michael are discussing Material 2, originally released June 24th, 2015.

Ryan: Have you ever sat down and read the entirety of James Joyce’s notoriously difficult… 1,582 more words

Alternating Current

Word Play Inspired While Reading Ulysses

I’ve finally dived into James Joyce’s Ulysses and have been overwhelmed by the inventiveness of his word play. Reading a book of such genius gets my own mind wandering to puns and new ways of putting words together… in a much less focused way than Joyce, of course. 55 more words

Creative Writing

Lifestyle Challenges

This is another list that I decided to create because some of the challenges I got didn’t fit into the category of an experience. They are lifestyle changes more than anything, and I think that deserves it’s own entire category. 140 more words


Coorong morning and Ulysses in the afternoon

We awoke to a spectacular dawn as the sun emerged behind the sheokes and the roos grazed between them and the rose sky. At Chinamen’s Well, we took a short walk and leant how residents of Hong Kong had rushed to reports of gold in Victoria in the 1850s. 107 more words


Another Life

I’m me. That’s pretty obvious. I’m a biracial guy in my mid-twenties who lives in New York. I’ve had my own relatively interesting life, but at the end of the day it’s mine. 612 more words

Reads of the Week #23

A metaphor merchant? How much would one charge per metaphor? It depends

“Who is E.D. Hirsch? What does he believe?”

Ben Lerner on… 79 more words


software and hardware

Hello dear followers

Today, my mind is a little better on book so might write something today but first I would like to make a post about what software and hardware I use to write with and what my future plans on that point is, some which will happen by the end of this month and some will happen later on so shall we start with hardware. 1,274 more words