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36 Books In 2018 & The Epics Project #6: #29 Ulysses By James Joyce

Music, literature, Ireland, Dublin, Paris, friendship, woman, prostitution, diet, the influence of gaslight or the light of arc and glow-lamps or the growth or adjoining paraheliotropic trees, exposed corporation emergency dustbuckets, the Roman catholic church, ecclesiastical celibacy, the Irish nation, Jesuit education, careers, the study of  medicine, the past day, the maleficent influence of presabbath, Stephen’s collapse…

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Darling Bloom, Glorious Bloom

Today is June 16th, and so a reminder (that I set last year on June 16th) popped up on my phone to cheerfully wish me a “Happy Bloomsday!” For those of you unfamiliar with Bloomsday, or with James Joyce’s Ulysses, time for a crash course. 1,173 more words


Bloomsday // Baltimore Pride

Hello, internet friends!

So, here’s the kicker: I’m really not so great about writing yearly posts for various holidays YET this will be the third… 499 more words


Chapter 18: Penelope

Finishing the book with a Guinness at a local pub

Penelope, or, We Finally Get to Know Molly Bloom

Penelope, in The Odyssey, was Odysseus’ faithful wife, who spurned suitors during his long presence.  1,179 more words

Chapter 17: Ithaca

Ithaca, or, 

I know that I have said previous chapters of Ulysses were my favorites before (Cyclops, Circe, Sirens), but this one really is.  It’s funny, sad, at times, infuriating (will Bloom FINALLY go to Molly or what?!?).  1,546 more words

The sentence is itself an odyssey | William H. Gass analyzes a sentence from Joyce's Ulysses

Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom have stopped at a cabman’s shelter, a small coffeehouse under the Loop Line Bridge, for a cuppa and a rest on their way home.

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Four by Freund: James Joyce in Paris, 1938

Gisele Freund, Joyce is often found here in the famous little bookshop of Sylvia Beach, Shakespeare and Company. Here we see him having a chat with Sylvia Beach, who published the first edition of Ulysses in her shop, and Adrienne Monnier publisher of the French translation of “Ulysses.” Mlle. 104 more words

Fans In A Flashbulb