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A Distinctly Western Buddha....

 James Joyce/Stephen Dedalus, circa 1904

  Thanks goodness for the internet, WordPress, and now YouTube. They afford me—and everyone with a connection in fact—an outlet, a medium through which to communicate. 580 more words


Wolverine Doesn't Believe In Ulysses's Visions

The new Inhuman Ulysses had a vision where Old Man Logan killed Gabrielle, the new Wolverine Laura Kinney’s clone. SHIELD agents, led by the original Captain America himself, tried to bring in Logan while he was recuperating in Laura’s place. 103 more words


Civil War II #5

The day we have been waiting an extra month for has come.  Civil War II #5 has been released, and we finally get to see all the tension explode into a full-fledged brawl between our favorite action heros (Of course we do not want them to get too hurt).   428 more words

Comic Books

This Will Blow Your Mind!

“Wow. You hear that? That’s the sound of minds being blown.”

That’s a quote from my latest video uploaded to YouTube, ‘James Joyce’s Ulysses, Six Tips for Better Reading, Understanding and Enjoying.’ Riveting stuff, and it can be found on the Omphalos Cafe’s channel now. 330 more words


Amazing Spider-Man (Civil War II Miniseries): Predicting Behavior and Influencing It

***Warning: Spoilers for Civil War II and Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man follow.***

Marvel’s original Civil War was an important moment in comics because it was one of the first times in which a mainstream comic took up serious political questions––government regulation; post-9/11 counter-terrorism; even gun control, to an extent––and presented a balanced and nuanced view of them. 771 more words

Kilkenny to Limerick...

We started the day out today a little hungover, or at least I did. So we headed down to a breakfast place up the street. … 281 more words

Nobody: Satie, Ulysses, and the Virtue of Anonymity

“When I first met him (Debussy), he was all absorbed in Mussorgsky, was searching avidly for a path not easy to find. In this search I was far ahead of him: the prizes of Rome or other cities did not impede my progress, since I carry no such prize on my person or on my back, for I am a man of the race of Adam (of Paradise) who never carried off any prize – a lazy fellow, no doubt”. 229 more words