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Kiki's Delivery Service Cosplay

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a Studio Ghibli film. I cosplayed as Kiki.

I can’t wait to wear this cosplay outside. I have red high heels and a brown messenger bag. 26 more words


[Vietsub] TSF in Nippon

Album: Himouto! Umaru chan Character song Vol.4 “T.S.F in Nippon”
Trình bày: Tachibana Sylphinford (CV: Furukawa Yurina)
Lyrics: Tại đây

Cách đây tầm tháng tớ có xem Himouto Umaru chan vì độ lầy lội của con bé =)) Mà xong trừ em búp to ra thì em nào còn lại cũng thấy đáng eo hết xảy huhu (tại em búp to không phải type của tớ hihi)~ 486 more words

Dịch Nhạc Nhẽo Ai Dồ

Happy New Year!

Umaru designed two cards and she didn’t know which one to send. So here they both are.



This how she looks like now, especially after finishing the huge task of wrapping her Christmas presents.


Pretty Lights!

Umaru is having fun watching the lights twinkle everywhere!

This is her finishing hanging up her Christmas lights:

And here she is admiring them


Christmas With Umaru

It’s only a few more days before Christmas and Umaru is trying to join in on this festive season.

However, she encountered some, should we call it – roadblocks? 45 more words