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Anime Review ;; Himouto! Umaru-Chan

Today I’ll be reviewing the anime Himouto! Umaru-chan :~)

General thoughts: There were only 12 episodes in this series, so this easily could have taken me a day to watch. 213 more words

Monthly Purchases #1 HUGE UPDATE!

Hi everyone! I decided to change Weekly Updates to Monthly Updates since my purchases aren’t as often (though they’re still big purchases!).

So I’ll start off with a HUGE update to my closet/anime room: 248 more words

My Horrible Weekend With Umaru

So there I was, waiting for the weekend to come, like most worker bees. This weekend was going to be even more special, as my Umaru petits were coming in! 237 more words

Umaru Nendoroid

These pictures are from when I first got her a couple months ago~~

Mini Review

To be honest, my boyfriend is a bigger Umaru fan than I am, but I did enjoy the show and I preordered her as soon as she went up for sale. 49 more words


My Anime Room/Stuff

So this post is just to show off my anime collection (because I’m very proud of it, even though it’s not too big compared to others). 295 more words

Crawling on my SKIIIIIIIN


its almost december now, there’s many problem I got in school or my home either :’D

still, I’m used to scratching on my PC when at home  lol. 323 more words

Curhat Galo