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I’m already writing up the workout schedule for next semester. I’m digging through my memories for drills that we did when I learned how to row. 136 more words

Cupcakes for Wage Equality

My Activism project is about educating people about the pay gap between various genders and races of the human population. I participated with the WILL group’s Pay Equity Day bake sale and help them out with it. 587 more words

Sharing Gender Space

Have you ever been walking down a straight path only to realize that there is a person walking the same path as you in the opposite direction? 463 more words

Vagina Monologues! 2015

For my final activist project in my Gender and Women’s Studies class at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, I decided to take part in the… 731 more words


The Tale of Three Sisters

Originally, I was at a loss of what I could possibly do for my activist project, but then I remembered my grandmother-in-law. Unfortunately, due to complications between my grandmother-in-law, her two sisters, and the Federal Government, I cannot mention their names nor the photographs of the interviews. 682 more words



My activist project is on UMBC’s very own hip-hip dance team,
winning multiple titles in and out of their division, Major Definition!
This dance team has been around for years; 1,020 more words

Council of Activist Clubs: Final Reflection

To begin: UMBC is not a socially conscious school and we all know it. The overwhelming majority of the student population here lack any sense pertaining to awareness of issues of injustice. 1,030 more words